ambiguity in a sentence

2. This is also known as structural ambiguity. Sometimes, people enjoy a little ambiguity because it feels like you’re solving a puzzle. Have you ever been accused of being ambiguous? It’s something a bit more focused than that. 2. Together, let’s explore a few examples of ambiguity. Ambiguous words or statements lead to vagueness and confusion, and shape the basis for instances of unintentional humor. I ran all the way to the main gate, and then I waited a second till I got my breath. When you make statements that are ambiguous, you confuse the reader and hinder the meaning of the text. Exhaustion was pressing upon and overpowering her. We’ll see how it’s used and how you can add it to your toolkit for your next big piece. Ambiguity is when the meaning of a word, phrase, or sentence is uncertain. and came out here for all these goddam checkups and stuff. Structural Ambiguity: Ambiguity in the syntax and semantics of a language. Structural ambiguity is used to keep things short but can lead to misinterpretations. Blake leaves this poem open to a wealth of varying opinions regarding the meaning of “rose,” “sick,” “worm,” and “bed of crimson joy.” Is this poem about the flower? 1 is almost extinct except among farmers and hay merchants, but the absurd, Always remember that the real business of the comma is just that of helping the meaning of the words and of preventing, The total absence of colour in the Cubists is ascribable to the same revolt against prettiness and, Grotius shewed that there were many other articles, which occasioned great difficulty both by their, From the foregoing remarks it follows that if we do not know whether a verb governs the accusative or not, we can always use the accusative, if no, Let us then look at this matter, and see if we are really so deplorably blinded by the, We must at once call the reader's attention to the, Barn in a sentence | Short example sentence for barn, Ceremony in a sentence | Short example sentence for ceremony, Spilled in a sentence | Short example sentence for spilled, The Standards in a sentence | Short example sentence for the standards, Containing in a sentence | Short example sentence for containing, Graduates in a sentence | Short example sentence for graduates, Flay in a sentence | Short example sentence for flay, Transmitted in a sentence | Short example sentence for transmitted, Hopefulness in a sentence | Short example sentence for hopefulness, Fleshy in a sentence | Short example sentence for fleshy, Eroticism in a sentence | Short example sentence for eroticism, Permeate in a sentence | Short example sentence for permeate, Provoke in a sentence | Short example sentence for provoke, Sensitivity in a sentence | Short example sentence for sensitivity, Inherently in a sentence | Short example sentence for inherently, Anatomical in a sentence | Short example sentence for anatomical, Symbolism in a sentence | Short example sentence for symbolism, Overt in a sentence | Short example sentence for overt, Expression in a sentence | Short example sentence for expression, Words to describe Ambiguity | Ambiguity Adjectives. No one but her lover saw her. Examples of ambiguity in a sentence: 1. This is also known as semantic ambiguity. For example: Other terms used for ambiguity are amphibologia, amphibolia, and semantic ambiguity.. And her strength was gone. He turned, and with a firm and rapid step he walked across the empty space. Hopefully, these will get the wheels turning so you can incorporate a little bit into your everyday speech and writing. Well, I’ve certainly never tasted chicken cooked that way before! 3. “They” and “here” are rather ambiguous words. It will send your readers down a colorful path of intrigue and interest. They made me cut it out. It makes the listener or readers stop and say, “Wait.

She raised her hand, and made a light, quick movement toward the right. Behind that door, there’s either a tiger or another woman. Get an answer for 'How does Robert Frost use. And the story's darkness and moral ambiguity increase the film's power and appeal. It means you’re being unclear or inexact. When a sentence or clause can be interpreted in more than one way because of the way it is constructed, it structurally ambiguous. All this her shrug said without ambiguity as without words. Looking for sentences with "moral ambiguity"? Ambiguity can open the door to deeper, implied meanings that the reader must draw for themselves. Without the slightest hesitation, he went to the door on the right, and opened it. Syntactic ambiguity presents two or more possible meanings within a sentence or phrase.

ambiguity in the precise wording of advertisements and in the use of sound effects must be avoided. Here are some examples. Ambiguity is a funny thing. Her right arm lay in the cushioned parapet before her. Why was "Rose" capitalized? Each of these general examples of ambiguity can carry double meanings: Now, let’s examine ambiguity used as a literary device in some of our favorite works. 240+4 sentence examples: 1. The princess told him to choose the door to the right, and he did. There are two elemental forms in speech and writing.

More than likely, we’d have to read on to see what Keats was up to. Ambiguity, or fallacy of ambiguity, is a word, phrase, or statement which contains more than one meaning. I have no wind, if you want to know the truth. That he faces a tiger or another lover? The word comes from a Latin term which means, "wandering about" and the adjective form of the word is ambiguous. Writers often use it on purpose to evoke mystery or feeling. Every eye but his was fixed on the man in the arena. When dealing with syntactic ambiguity, it’s helpful to use your context clues to uncover the true meaning of the sentence or phrase. Every heart stopped beating, every breath was held, every eye was fixed immovable upon that man.

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