basketball bank shot science

Here are some suggestions: Plot your relative probability (on the y-axis) versus the player's position (angle). Note it down in your data table. The angle of reflection represents the angle between the path of the ball as it bounces back from a surface and the line perpendicular to the surface. offers eligible public information officers paid access to a reliable news release distribution service.

We found that the shooter can select a bank shot over a direct shot with as much as a 20 percent advantage. The distribution over the court of preferences of the bank shot over the direct shot was determined. The NBA (National Basketball Association) keeps shot charts of actual games, and scientists use computer-based models to analyze which positions provide higher rates of successful shots. Make a scatter plot of the relative probability (on the y-axis) with respect to the angular positions (on the x-axis). goal impact point at 0 cm.

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See when both objects land. Place them on either side of the cut-out basket, under the poster board. From the point you just drew, measure a distance one-half the length of your backboard to the left and to the right, and make new marks. The calculations in this science project assume that the player can throw the ball with perfect aim every time. Scientists use relative probability to express how much more or less likely something is expected to happen compared to a chosen baseline. What would you see? Science Buddies will be performing maintenance on Tuesday November 10, 2020 at 10pm PST for two hours. Find the scaled down player's distance to the center of the basket in the table you made similar to Table 1.

Count the number of scores and write it down in your table like Table 3 and Table 2. Our top priority is student learning. Abstract: The purpose of this study was to gain an understanding of the bank shot and ultimately determine the optimal target points on the backboard for the bank shot in men's basketball. For this science project, you will position your player at a fixed distance from the middle of the basket. Roll your ball again and read the distance of the impact point to the central line. Table 2. What property allows analysis of the projectile motion in the horizontal plane and the vertical direction separately?

Feel free to decorate the tube so it looks like a player. Try to only cut on the outline of the circle (basket) so you can pop it back in and re-test the smaller impact distances if needed. A basketball shot at the hoop is a great example of projectile motion, or the motion of an object (in this case a ball) that moves through the air. What is the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection for a ball hitting an object and how are they related, assuming the ball has no spin? Be sure to make appropriate conversions where needed. Determine how much smaller your scale model will be compared to the real game dimensions. is a service of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. We use cookies and those of third party providers to deliver the best possible web experience and to compile statistics. According to researchers at North Carolina State, you better try to bank it in. by contributing institutions or for the use of any information through the EurekAlert system. Now that you have obtained the lengths that make the shot, you are ready to calculate the relative probability.

Cardboard roll (50 cm long if you work with a 4.5 cm ball); the inner tube of packing paper works well. In this science project, you will study one aspect of the shot and calculate how this influences chances of scoring when the player is placed at different locations on the court. This "bird's-eye view" of the ball's movement will result in easier analysis for your science project. Article by Science Buddies. still hold? In the first part of your science project, you will use algebra and geometry to study one aspect of the shot and determine its impact on relative difficulty of making a shot from different positions that are the same distance from the hoop.

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