best cold war spy novels

Yes, it’s the only spy thriller that I’ve read that I really thought, ‘Oh God, that is just a bit too unpleasant.’ They’re just so nasty. Stealing the Future: An East German Spy Story (East Berlin #1), Goodbye to Budapest: A Novel of the Hungarian Uprising, The Cardinal of the Kremlin (Jack Ryan, #4).

I don’t know when they last ran it, but they just made a prequel. by.

So they have honey traps, they betray everyone.

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold (1963) trumped Deighton as a response to James Bond’s glamourous world of espionage, and he continues to turn out fine work to this day. It starts off with a fantastic scene in Germany.

John le Carré and others had imagined Russia through the eyes of the intelligence officers who studied it. The Best Novels in Translation: the 2019 Booker International Prize, The Best Fiction of 2020: The Booker Prize Shortlist, High School Teachers Recommend Books by Subject.

It’s clear Helm is intended as an American variation on Bond, bringing him back to his Mike Hammer roots; but Hamilton is a more realistic writer than either Spillane or Fleming. The Ninth Directive


But his lively reports begin to greatly interest London, who send in reinforcements, initiating a deadly black comedy of errors, making the hapless agent a Soviet target.

This month, Collins has completed and released Complex 90 , Spillane’s unfinished sequel to The Girl Hunters. Few could write the men-on-a-dangerous-mission adventure yarn better than McLean (The Guns of Navarone, 1957); this one is suggested by real events.”, The Manchurian Candidate , Richard Condon (1959), “This marriage of spy novel and political thriller is a dark satire that dared to suggest the ‘commies under the bed’ tactics of Senator Joseph McCarthy only did the cause of Communism a huge favor. They’re not about how real spies are at all. Gorky Park doesn’t so much explore the Cold War as use it to create the backdrop and scenario for a perfect spy thriller.

At the centre of it is a classic mole hunt, which was very common in all of those British spy thrillers of the day, with a kind of Philby-esque character in it.

The warm critical and popular response to Modesty in novel form led to a long-running series. The main character, Quiller, is a sort of James Bond character, but he’s also a complete mess: he’s completely neurotic and paranoid. It’s also about the run-up to the Suez crisis? It’s a fictionalised version of some real events that happened, where the Americans were thinking of making a separate peace deal with the Germans that would exclude the Soviets, and this guy’s job is to stop that happening. Bone up on your spy skills with his picks, and be sure to add any favorites that Collins missed to the list in the comments.

Before his death, legendary crime writer Mickey Spillane entrusted the completion of his unfinished work to his longtime friend, Max Allan Collins — a top-notch writer in his own right. In his assignment to locate missing scientists, he uncovers a secret brainwashing scheme that marks him for the next victim, due to betrayal from the ranks of the superiors he already distrusts. A fine BBC serialization in 1974 was followed by an equally well-received feature-film version in 2011.”, The Hunt for Red October , Tom Clancy (1984), “Insurance man Clancy, with his right-wing political views, was born to write Cold War thrillers, though the Cold War was definitely thawing when he sent around his submarine novel to scores of publishers, who declined it. But the real villain is a Red Queen of a controlling mother whose king is a bargain-basement McCarthy headed for the White House. It alternates between two different times.

Now Hammer races a Soviet assassin code-named the Dragon in the hunt for the returned (but still M.I.A.) On to your next choice, The Private Sector by Joseph Hone.

Alone among such fun Bond-era spies as The Avengers and The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Modesty enjoys an enviable body of quality prose fiction.

1: Red Sparrow (Red Sparrow Trilogy, #1) by. It’s just brilliantly done. 6. It’s bigger than James Bond, it’s like James Bond, Robin Hood and King Arthur: he’s a complete mythical figure in Russia.

Because when you read it you just feel, ‘My God, I want to get on the plane right now and go to Italy.’ And I think that is one of the great things about thrillers when they do that.

Meanwhile it was going for more like 1,000€ on eBay.”.

Wormold, an English vacuum salesman in Cuba, is recruited as an agent by the British Secret Service, and because he has no access to useful intelligence of any kind, invents a network of agents who do.

Manning O’Brine is a very mysterious figure. Wormhold, a British vacuum salesman in Havana during the Batista regime, becomes a spy for the MI6 to better provide for his daughter (he’s a single parent).

Probably there was nothing to see. Velda.

If you are the interviewee and would like to update your choice of books (or even just what you say about them) please email us at Read, This is a very obscure novel now, and I’m not quite sure why.

Hammer springs back from a seven-year drunk when he learns his long-missing secretary/lover was recruited into a lengthy behind-the-Iron-Curtain mission for the CIA.

Your first choice is Seventeen Moments of Spring, which was a Soviet attempt to create a rival to James Bond.

At least one dachshund is poisoned in the process.

Read It’s basically these assorted mercenary spies who are on a mission to get this famous Kremlin Letter, which is nothing – I can’t even remember what it’s about. So I got very into the series. Stephen King, Alexander McCall Smith and more…, WRITING JOURNALS, NOTEPADS, PENS AND DESK ACCESSORIES. Paul Vidich’s 2016 debut novel, An Honorable Man, is set in 1950s Washington DC, where the Cold War is heating up amidst the demagoguery of McCarthyism.

Read 4 383 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The Kremlin Letter The thing that’s striking about this book is that it’s just unbelievably bleak. You must have a goodreads account to vote. The 1963 film version with Sean Connery is the most faithful of Bond adaptations, rivaled only by On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) and Casino Royale (2006).”, “The nameless secret agent here may lack the name ‘Harry Palmer,’ but he is very the much the deceptively ordinary bureaucrat-with-a-gun of the classic 1965 Michael Caine film. Add to cart. He’s a human being in a world constructed by politicians and spies, and we feel his vulnerability in every step.

He takes up with, obviously, a beautiful woman, who is a hotel guide in his little village in Italy. Yes, it’s really compelling, and what’s great about it is that the guy clearly knows Italy.

So a lot of it becomes about the war. He isn’t, but in the process Wolfe discovers that he is a member of America’s most dangerous criminal organization, run by America’s most dangerous criminal and Wolfe’s nemesis, Arnold Zeck. From Russia With Love , Ian Fleming (1957), “Though Ian Fleming himself had worked in intelligence during the Second World War, James Bond was a fantasy figure in the tradition of Bulldog Drummond, the Saint, and Mike Hammer, and Fu Manchu provided the pattern for Bond’s uber-foes (specifically, in the case of Dr. No, 1962).

It was part of the Soviet government’s effort in the Cold War to rehabilitate the idea of the secret agent and to get recruitment.

You’re almost wincing reading it, because it’s just not the sort of behaviour that should be in thrillers. To celebrate its publication, Flavorwire asked Collins to sound off on a few of his favorite Cold War thrillers. My second novel, Free Country, which I’ve just written, is set in Italy, and part of the reason I wanted to do that was because of this novel.

In this carefully crafted novel, the search for whoisit ends in the biggest betrayal of all. Read.

The reports Wormhold concocts involve imaginary agents, whose salaries he collects.


The Spy Who Came In from the Cold book.

This is much more of an action adventure thriller. The Riddle of Sands: A Record of Secret Service Recently Achieved (1903) — Erskine Childers The book became a rare fictional work published by the U.S. This was le Carré’s third novel and the first by anyone to really distill the icy logic of the Cold War, to capture its chilling, limiting effect on the human beings caught in its machinery.

The 19th one came out after he died, and it had a very short print run, and I spent ages and ages looking for it.

Read But it’s beautifully described.

The novel, which became a very successful 1990 film, charts the defection of Lithuanian nuclear submarine commander Marko Alexandrovich Ramius, who wants to deliver his sub as well.

Life Undercover by Amaryllis Fox. Apart from being as much fun as any detective novel ever written, The Second Confession is interesting in light of Stout’s own politics and about US perceptions of the Communist threat in the very early days of the Cold War. As conceived by Hamilton, previously a successful author of westerns (The Big Country, 1958), Helm is a former wartime assassin for U.S. intelligence recruited back into service by necessity, requiring “the death” of the peaceful post-war citizen he has become, much to his wife’s horror.”, The Impossible Virgin , Peter O’Donnell (1971), “In 1953, O’Donnell created his comic-strip character Modesty Blaise as a female version of Bond; the strip was sexy and violent in a way unknown to stateside comics pages. 1

I got really into them and read dozens and dozens and dozens of them.

list created September 7th, 2015

It was made into a film, which I haven’t seen, by John Huston, with lots of stars in it (Orson Welles, Richard Boone and others). What I tried to do was forgotten Cold War thrillers. There are flashbacks – Mills goes to Italy because he’s been in Italy in the war. We publish at least two new interviews per week. I got really into them and read dozens and dozens and dozens of them.

Read. More reviewers hated it than loved it, but as a spy novel (or half of one), it’s completely successful, with sequences of action and sustained suspense that would look at home in the best straight genre work, and along the way, it tries to do something that few other novels about the period would ever go near: to understand the differences between the Russian and the American soul that gave rise to the Cold War in the first place.

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