craig keener miracles pdf

. It is an extremely sophisticated, completely thorough treatment of its subject matter, and, in my opinion, it is now the best text available on the topic. .

This allows him to investigate the issue of interpreting this cause and concludes from a theistic perspective that there has to be a divine causation known as God in action. . --Martin W. Mittelstadt, Pneuma"Keener does it again, providing us with another massive, highly documented book. Keener weighs the evidence; and although he personally believes strongly in miracles, he is critical of credulity (and of any idea that there is divine healing for every disease)." .

However, in recent years, the tide has turned for a growing number of Gospel scholars. He posits 'that supernatural explanations, while not suitable in every case, should be welcome on the scholarly table along with other explanations often discussed,' for 'antisupernaturalism has reigned as an inflexible Western academic premise long enough.'.

. Comparison of Early Christian and Other Ancient Miracle AccountsPart 2: Are Miracles Possible?4.

--Samuel Escobar, professor emeritus of missiology, Palmer Theological Seminary; professor, Theological Seminary of the Spanish Baptist Union, Madrid"Craig Keener's magisterial two-volume study of miracles is an astounding accomplishment.

Pastors, students, and scholars will find great resources and stories from early Christianity to the current day."

In fact, hundreds of millions of people today claim to have experienced miracles. Those familiar with Keener's previous work will not be surprised by the remarkable level of scholarship in these volumes. This monumental study combines historical inquiry into late antiquity, philosophical and existential criticism of antisupernaturalism and the legacy of David Hume's epistemological skepticism, and ethnographic study of the phenomenon of the miraculous throughout the Majority World. Keener's work should prove a compelling witness to those who doubt miraculous claims both ancient and modern." In doing so, Keener rouses us from our western naturalistic dogmatic slumber and wipes away the scales from our eyes allowing us to see afresh God moving via the miraculous in the New Testament and in the world today. Highly recommended." With the most detailed and extensive footnoting to support, he analyzes, evaluates and at times exposes and opposes the weaknesses of the Humean philosophy, finally rejecting it as antisupernaturalist because of its circular and at times illogical, even non-scientific argumentation. . Of course, Keener's book is not the first to challenge the modern predisposition against miracles. Keener's work on miracles will prove the standard work of its generation and perhaps several to come. Keener produces a wonderful read. Keener's bold exploration of the plausibility of past and present miracle claims should provoke interest--and debate--among a wide range of readers." Keener has risked his academic reputation as a New Testament scholar by contradicting the anti-miraculous assumptions of modern scholarship (p. 579).

. . Blindness, Inability to Walk, Death, and Nature: Some Dramatic ReportsPart 4: Proposed Explanations13.

Stephen Evans, University Professor of Philosophy and Humanities, Baylor University"Keener dares to accuse prevailing approaches to biblical-historical inquiry of operating according to ethnocentric prejudices and presuppositions, and then dares to make the charges stick with an avalanche of interdisciplinary arguments and evidence. His newest book, You Are Never Alone is now available. . Though a mammoth volume, I could not put it down.


Opening Questions about Early Christian Miracle Claims2. . His books, Bible studies and DVDs minister to young and old alike by sharing the truth of God’s love, as revealed in the person of Jesus.

Any future discussions of miracles in the NT or in the modern day will surely have to reckon with the arguments of this book." This is a gem. . . It sustains two clear and important theses with effective organization, meticulous scholarship, passionate concentration, and gravity (though without the author taking himself with undue seriousness). [Keener] is a well-known atheist-turned-Christian New Testament scholar with what is most likely the world's most extensive compilation of ancient texts that compare or contrast in some way with any verse anywhere in the New Testament. The work is both thoroughly documented and fairly exhaustive in its treatment of the various debates and issues which attend the apologetic and historical issues of miraculous accounts.

. .

. A gifted minister and bestselling author for more than thirty years, Max Lucado has served as an associate minister in Miami, as well as a missionary church planter in Brazil. Yet current research shows that human experience is far from uniform.

There is nothing like it.

On-line books store on Z-Library | B–OK. . So who's afraid of David Hume now?" . They may be too long to have students read them completely unless assigned for an elective seminar on miracles, but many portions will serve excellently as supplemental readings for classes in New Testament, philosophy, apologetics, epistemology, and church history."

While he still wrestles with his inbuilt skepticism he almost reluctantly concedes that supernormal events happen, events in which multiple incurable physical conditions are changed in ways which have no medical, natural, or psychological explanation for their cause. .

Examples from Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean10. .

This he does with consummate skill and detailed analysis. A truly amazing set of books." Attacking the Humean naturalistic bias, Keener provides numerous verified examples of miracles occurring globally that resembles many of the miracles … He shows that whatever the merits of Hume's claim in his own day, it can hardly be maintained today that 'miracles are not a part of normal experience and are not widely attested.' --Ben Witherington III, Amos Professor of New Testament for Doctoral Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary"This is vintage Keener--exhaustive research, expert command of and thoughtful interaction with both ancient and modern sources, impeccable analyses of all sides of the argument, and deft handling of the controversial issues--plus some!



. . . He gives us an exhaustive wealth of historical understanding, anthropological richness, and missiological savvy." The result is a book that is important not only for the historical study of Jesus and the New Testament but also for our understanding of our contemporary world beyond the boundaries of our social location and its worldview."

Keener, in a rare measure, combines amazing research and writing skills with genuine compassion and pastoral sensitivity."

KEENER: Spirit Possession as a Cross-cultural Experience 217 I pause to observe here that an anthropological approach to spirit pos­ session may prove useful even to scholars more generally reticent about an­ thropological models. He surveys the history of Christian thinking about miracles, deals in a scholarly way with the immense philosophical literature, and looks at the arguments of biblical scholars. --Wonsuk Ma, executive director, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies"Craig Keener has written arguably the best book ever on the subject of miracles. That statement is truer than ever today when we look at the booming churches of Africa and Asia. Craig Keener's Miracles is thus a major contribution to understanding the Christian faith, past and present.

It is within this context that Craig Keener's new two-volume work can be fully appreciated.


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