divorce document checklist

Also provide appraisals on any such items (if you already have them). Taxes: If you believe taxes are owed, please state. Here are some quick tips before we jump in. Family details Self Legal name, phone(s), email(s), Shows price, down payment, closing fees, etc. To get an idea of the important documents you need to round up for your divorce attorney or CDFA, take a look at the checklist below: 1. While this is a general list of documents needed, there is a good chance we will need to request additional documentation once we become familiar with your specific and unique situation. Provide the following for any business you or your spouse have an interest: In addition to the above information, you should also keep a list of issues and questions that concern you. If card has reward points/frequent flyer miles, provide total owned. Divorce Financial Solutions It’s also critical to document these things if you are expecting to collect alimony and child support in the future. Support Arrearages: Refers to support owed to previous spouses or for children from previous relationships or for support you or your spouse has been ordered to pay in this dissolution proceeding prior to the preparation of this document.

Book a free 15 minute advice call. Final Escrow Statement from Close of Escrow/Settlement Statement for purchase or sale (usually 2-3 pages) and for last refinance (if applicable). Document Checklist A link to a shared, secure folder will provided, or you can scan and email as long as you use encryption or password protection on sensitive. h�b```c``nd`e`��`a@ ���[5V�$�Ԃ��� `g��'�U�X ,� ���ӟ�:�q�2�����Eg�x��30({}���0`a�c��!�T�v����k����

Also, if estimated taxes have been paid for the current or preceding tax year but the return is not done, please provide information as to how much has been paid and from what source. Work. For example, you will be dividing one household into two, and that will mean determining your living expenses going forward. Information about children from previous marriages on either side: the full names, dates of birth and social security numbers of any children from a previous marriage. A list of the marital problems that led to divorce if any involve alcohol or drug abuse, religious differences, infidelity, sexual incompatibility or, domestic abuse. Divorce Checklist Item: 1) Deal with medical issues before you are divorced; and 2) Don't forget to explore your own health insurance options before you get divorced. Finally, understand that being organized has a lot of payoffs, but you need to be resolved to the fact that it will take time. (If an accountant has the records for your individual and/or business tax returns, you can obtain copies from the accountant.). Provide cost basis (including improvements, etc.).

Others will just be flat out difficult when it comes to turning over records. A link to a shared, secure folder will provided, or you can scan and email as long as you use encryption or password protection on sensitive. Include any memberships, reward points, and other perks that may be considered as assets.

Make copies for yourself, your attorney and any other members of your team who will benefit from having pertinent information… Don’t be in a hurry. If security is held in certificate form, provide a copy of the certificate. Read the full disclosure in our terms of service. Information about Other Real Estate 3. k���ւ��0�J�L@L�X�Hj��q���ġ���SK]�| �!�����Ǡ<5XX����fA�%�I����~�AG1 �{�xhA���K|��5�ק�-&�dK. You can email him at jason@survivedivorce.com. 24 0 obj <> endobj Disclosure Some couples find it impossible to talk to their spouses after an initial split, and that’s understandable. Use this checklist to help gather and save the documents you’ll need as you work through your divorce. Proof of … 62 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<7706A407B70D475EAD785150D63B6AEE><0D0D8B18ADEC9F4C8B8123B7C9045396>]/Index[24 93]/Info 23 0 R/Length 144/Prev 970444/Root 25 0 R/Size 117/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream

h��Ymo�8�+��-)�I���M�k�v�4�C���$Bm�++ms�����ر��-��A�H9�����i&�3��,�"a�1�s�)�K����V��I��yɌV�+fǼfV�a��e6AT-^z؃ޓB@/��i ,Q �%/5 ��N, �E8���c�$aRR��:� After the emotions have settled, it’s time to get to your paperwork in order. Any loan or credit application for the business prepared within the past five (5) years. Rental Property: Records of ownership of all rental property. Provide copies of orders and statements. Stock Options – Stock option grant agreement (grant letter) and most current grant statement covering each grant received, from date of grant to present, for present employers (and prior if not fully exercised or expired). Money you are owed, including names of those who owe you money, how much they owe, and the expected payment date. Some might not apply to your situation, so use this as a guide. Doing so only hurts you and your children because you could make costly mistakes and add to the considerable stress you may already be experiencing. Copyright © 2020 Survive Divorce. If you expect a refund but haven’t filed your returns yet, provide a copy of your extension. Privacy Notice. The better your communication and cooperation are, the quicker and easier your divorce will be. Order a free credit report. A certified divorce financial planner will also know what to look at and what to ask for that will have relevance for your situation. %%EOF Description or plan statements for all employer stock option plans under which you have received options. Wedding details: where and when you were married. monthly income at earliest retirement age. Guiding you through all financial aspects of your divorce, providing mediation for divorce and legal separation, and offering post-divorce financial services to save you money in legal fees and safeguard your financial future. At your spouse’s work or place of residence? Rebecca Jones. Contact information for your spouse such as an address, landline/cell phone number and an email address. This is why it’s best to gather as much information as possible before you make your spouse aware of your intentions. Download our free ebook with 100+ financial landmines to avoid. First things first… get a certified copy of your divorce decree. Keep a running tally of these things that surface during the divorce that will require some follow-up action. t� �B+��B)�*[�Y�g�ĴZ�X+��IjA�L�)V�k*��;��$Z�(����Qh�ӂ�Q��%d �( C(&7�t�@IC' ~�;,CEj�ͤ1��;^|��'bl�^�_'�X�ch��P����'zMo����������'�,}� �@q�Y+�8�`�M`NEwD��A"�KD#\�x�� "ec|����+̪lVї���K�ٳ��}V2�����3�����Ho2� Employment contract or employment offer letter. If you are a bit further along in the process, include copies of all court documents that establish deadlines, procedures, restrictions, or instructions related to your divorce process.

The Deed of Trust or Note is not needed. endstream endobj startxref

Loans—Unsecured: Provide the most current statement for all unsecured loans along with the name of institution (bank name), loan number, current rate, etc. Proof of your current income.

How well you are able to navigate through your divorce may rest in large part on your ability to produce documents and evidence that can support your claims for alimony, child support, a division of assets and other important issues. Divorce document checklist Having all of your important documents in one place will help you as you prepare for negotiations.

Profit-Sharing, IRAs, Deferred Compensation, Annuities: Provide the most current statement for all accounts. Your length of employment and your monthly or annual salary. l! Cafeteria Plans/Other Benefits – Provide most current statement or description of cafeteria benefit plan, incentive or bonus plan and any other employment benefit in which either spouse participates. In addition, certain laws and statutes may come into play based on the type and nature of your assets, so helping your team understand your complete picture will also allow them to provide you with the most effective counsel as well. Other Assets: Records for any other asset or property not otherwise listed above. When you are organized, you will also be able to break things down into more manageable tasks. Provide a year-to-date earnings record if not shown on paystubs. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Planner practitioner, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. ���'��T�P|@�,�D���K�^�x��Ѽ�Cb��!y���hU�r�v M�G�Ӵ:�LS�*4�]�N�6!��.��� One of the most important steps to take before getting a divorce is understanding what each person in the marriage brought to the union.

Use this worksheet to help identify your priorities before entering into serious negotiations. It is not uncommon, at least for the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure, to simply say “various” items acquired over “various” dates and the values of these items are “unknown.” On the other hand, if there are specific items of furniture and furnishings that are particularly valuable, please note those items. You want to know what to ask for—and what to fight for, if necessary—and what you can live without. Your spouse’s employer information, such as address and phone number. Stephanie Farrar and Integrity Divorce Solutions, LLC disclosure document. You and your spouse will be required to complete financial affidavits as part of the divorce process. Your basic information: full name, date of birth, and social security number. Individual income tax returns for past three to five years (federal, state, and local) ____. Include any outstanding benefits from prior employers. Also, provide cost basis of each security/investment owned. Where to serve your spouse with divorce papers if the attorney will be doing so. This means you’ll need to have a thorough understanding of your current and future expenses. If there are computer generated financial statements, those should be provided in electronic form along with a paper copy. Also, provide a copy of the Kelly Blue Book private party valuation. Your credit may be affected, and you may lose discounts on things like auto insurance, cell phones and other related expenses. The name of your spouse’s attorney if he/she has one. %PDF-1.6 %����

Partnerships and Other Business Interests: The Schedule of Assets and Debts requires the most recent K-1 form and Schedule C. All business interests should be listed, including general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships (LLPs), C Corporations and limited liability corporations (LLCs), as well as sole proprietorships. Some links may be from our sponsors.

10. Cash: If you or your spouse hold significant cash, such as in a safety deposit box, please note. Stocks, Bonds, Investments, Mutual Funds, Secured Notes, and other liquid and non-liquid investments: Copies of all documents showing how title is held and most recent statements, plus a copy of statements as close to the date of separation as possible. Form 2119 – Sale or Exchange of Principal Residence. Vehicles, Boats, Trailers: Copy of title and registration for all vehicles, boats, airplanes, trailers, and motor homes.

Keep in mind that because every divorce is different, there may be additional documentation you will need to provide beyond what is noted here, or some items on this checklist will not be relevant to your situation. A checklist of recommended post-divorce steps following your divorce. Before your divorce, you had one house payment, one set of utility bills, one health insurance policy and so forth.

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