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I do want them to see themselves in characters and feel more comfortable with being who they are. [laughs] But we also, I feel like, I don’t know. I do very deeply connect with the characters that I play. It’s like you’re single-handedly changing how trans people are viewed by playing young men who are so different from one another.

Earlier in the season, a pair of episodes handled Aaron and Callie having sex for the first time and their talk before doing so. Privacy |

He's a smart and savvy actor and has an immense amount of heart. [The free speech issue] is not totally dropped, but it's put aside for a little bit so they can enjoy one another's presence. This interview has been edited and condensed.

Burt Thakur shared a touching story about the role Trebek played in his and his grandfather’s life on Thursday November 5’s episode. © 2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. While that saved him from being abused in jail, he was still forced to sit in solitary confinement for hours until he could be released. The jail episode was pretty intense to film. But it sounded like ‘F— Off.’ Really it did. You can connect with Pop City Life on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. But I hope to—and my agent, as well, agrees with me—I hope to go on and play more trans characters, but also play non-trans characters, where it’s just not specified. Stay tuned! What he wants in a partner: He wants love, respect—why limit? The 23-year-old actor grew up in Los Angeles, the child of two voice actors.

Elliot Fletcher is tired of talking about coming out as trans. © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Sitemap | Rudy wants to eat the ballots to see if they’re really tortillas. The way Aaron feels, he's not a jerk about it. I wondered if you personally relate to that.

The episode also features an interesting conversation between Aaron and Callie about his chest scars when she’s painting a portrait of him. I’m hoping that people will watch the show and be like, “Oh, wow.

EF: Carter is very collaborative, and so is the rest of the writing team. Oh, yeah! I don't think it's too weird because I'm not Aaron whatsoever. But I think it’s mostly—he’s an open guy. Fletcher, as he already has done three times, will play a transgender character on the series.

It depends on the individual. If a person doesn’t know I’m trans and I come out them, at this point, it’s still jaw-dropping news. I don't want to be some caricature version of a trans person. And I do think it should be a conversation, but if one side is being particularly violent or vile or saying things that are truly horrifying, I don’t know if that’s constructive to the conversation or if that’s going to be worthwhile.

EF: I’m 19, I’m from Los Angeles—born and raised here. Fletcher: They've obviously spent a lot more time together. Elliot Fletcher was born in Los Angeles, California. I don’t. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. How will the new series explore gender and sexuality, given that its premise is how nearly everyone with a Y chromosome mysteriously dies? The last time the two of them talked about taking their relationship to the next level, they both decided they weren't ready. Click here to subscribe. These great movies and shows are leaving the streaming service next month, Callie will struggle to choose between her potential suitors. The way Aaron feels, he's not a jerk about it. That's a punishment meant for the worst offenders who can't be trusted in general population, but it also becomes the holding place for many trans people who go into the criminal justice system because our prison setup doesn't know how to keep them safe with the rest of the prisoners. I think so. Aaron doesn't come out to any of the family members or anything. But why is it just me? © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter

I know it was obviously not a real situation, but filming it and having to talk about being strip-searched, oh my God, that’s terrifying.

What has changed in the few weeks since that episode to make them feel ready now? It's an important episode in the storyline of their relationship — the first teenage romance between a cisgender female and a trans man made for family viewing. I just don’t think we are these cool things to look at. You can get your hopes up or not, however you think it's going to end. Elliot Fletcher is tired of talking about coming out as trans. There should be so many more transmasculine people in the public eye. Fletcher: I'm not a method actor but I am very much in [Aaron]'s headspace of this is the girl that I want to be with. Trust us.

It was a good episode to work on together. Speaking of him and Callie, this episode made their relationship even more complicated. They all agreed, and I posted it and got a very positive reaction.

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