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‘If you plead guilty we won’t execute you tomorrow’ ‘What do you want and where do I sign?’ She conveniently forgets everything in the FBI notes and how suddenly a man who was thought truthful becomes a victim of a plot to incarcerate him in order to get at the President. CFDHD decides innocence and guilt based on party affiliation. The title says everything. Hours later the DOJ revised their sentencing memo, dropped their request for jail time and offered probation. You likely support the same rights the Bailout project supports. It’s sad that Turley is damaging his credibility as a competent lawyer with the sloppy and poor arguments he presents. What nonsense. I don’t think they even informed local cops. For a lawyer, your logical reasoning skills are lacking. im just a nobody. The Associated Press, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Politico and have coverage. Gee you ought to call Judge Emmett, he thinks he did. Sullivan either will dismiss this charge or be reversed by the same court that sent it back to him for a final ruling,” when Turley has no way to know that the appellate court would reverse Sullivan if he rejects the DOJ’s motion or instead dismisses without prejudice. That’s why your argument doesn’t fly. That’s why it’s called a GUILTY plea.

To suddenly treat a plea like this as if it were a true/false statement is a very wide departure from what everyone recognizes is really going on and is another indication that this is a Soviet-style political proceeding. Many here are not really curious or interested in the issue. But I went back and did multiple word searches and reread the report. you’ve been pretending to be one with your fake name, and now it ‘s wholly clear you are not, a person would have had to have flunked criminal procedure to fail to grasp what a farce the flynn matter has become, Justice Holmes, “The man confessed, TWICE. Allan, Flynn did not lie he was coerced just like they coerce people day in and day out. They lied, cheated and deceived. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. Go back and study operation patcon, ruby ridge and waco were just two heinous incidents of federal law enforcement abuse. I doubt that will change. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. I have seen CTHD repeatedly advised of the reality of this case by lawyers and even from the blog host himself’s articles and he blithely ignores all that to come back to the DNC Narrative, time after time.

Squeaky some personalities have come and gone and come again using different aliases. Yes, he can be impeached, if there’s evidence for it. Flynn himself signed a statement attesting he lied to the FBI. If you think about it, you can probably find even more tiers for yourself. But as if determined to prove the panel right, Gleeson responded with another brief arguing the government position is evidence of “a corrupt and politically motivated favor unworthy of our justice system.” Gleeson still is arguing against overwhelming case law and advocating a certain reversal for Sullivan by convicting a person of a federal crime who the government maintains was improperly charged. ************************* I never claimed that. I’ve done the research and while Clinesmith plead guilty to the nit you want to pick, the consequences of that crime are the herd of elephants you seem to be willfully ignoring. This was a political setup from the start — and that corruption is infinitely more important. Kurtz has been very clear. Dinesh D’souza has spoken publicly about the abusive threats made against him when he faced charges. Additionally Mr. Flynn has filed a declaration [] requesting to remove his prior guilty plea and take the case to trial.
He not only suggested he might charge Flynn himself, with criminal conduct for contesting his guilty plea, but he hired a former judge to argue against any dismissal., dont worry about that gun control stuff too much. Why was it submitted to the court with those notes added, especially when at least one alteration is misleading? The blatant conflict is plain for all to see. I’m of Italian descent.

I did in the past, but you refused to provide the quote. The second was a compromise. Well, folks, if you want a more politicized court with cretins on it like the tyrant Sullivan, vote Democrat because Joe has plans to magnify federal judges’ faults and and weaken their virtues. That is why the reputation of Sullivan instead of Flynn is at stake in this hearing. The whole thing is the fruit of a poisonous tree, and should be ripped out, root and branch. The Obama Christmas Tree in the White House had an ornament that was the face of Mao. some swell group of chaps! Flynn was an agent of Turkey and didn’t register until March, 2017. I find it hard to believe that Allan is really incapable of discerning what’s really in front of him in regards to facts.”. 99%. He chose to plead guilty. I must warn you that If Flynn is taken off of CTDHD’s Jeffry Dahmer dinner table she might replace Flynn’s name on the menu and add yours.

Is it possible that he was falsely accused? The en banc court did not rule in favor of his controversial comments or orders.” Supra (that means see above!). The motion to dismiss said the government determined after an extensive review that the prosecution would not serve the interests of justice.
You see it all the time. Their arguments and views are largely dependent on others opinions without ironically not taking personal responsibility to find out for yourself. It is no wonder she is also known as “Committed to Lies.”. Circuit panel that ordered him to dismiss the charge without further delay.

It is a verbal act. The CADC disagrees with you that Sullivan is “ignor[ing] binding precedent,” which is why they sent it back to him to hold a hearing on the motion to dismiss. The contents of this site are ©2020 Capitol Hill Publishing Corp., a subsidiary of News Communications, Inc. Biden claims a 'mandate' to govern, calls for end to 'partisan warfare', Mark Meadows tests positive for coronavirus, Georgia Senate race between Perdue, Ossoff heads to runoff, How to clean up the mess we've made that's orbiting the Earth, American Affairs editor: Republican Party focused on working class 'is really the only plausible future', Director of People's Action: Democrats need to embrace populism to win rural America. He made statements in court, and in January (IIRR), he submitted a personal declaration that was several pages long, which he chose to submit under penalty of perjury. The gap between Democrats and Nazis or Communists is getting so narrow it is hard to see daylight between them. Since you don’t appear to be interested in real justice , can I assume that you’re using the name “Justice Holmes” as an oxymoron? FEDGOV has a Soviet-style court system. relevance and materiality are determined by the legal issues for which the documents are produced in the first place. ” Either you’re willing to dig in on the details of the evidence or you aren’t. Hence, the quote can be misleading. Let’s face it, Black Robes Sullivan is a political bagman trying to influence an election. Read the filing here. That decision was reversed en banc but only because the…

LEAVE TO FILE DENIED-Motion to Dismiss Indictment for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction and Supplemental Defense Sentencing Memorandum as to MICHAEL T. FLYNN This document is unavailable as the Court denied its filing. There are some standards of American jurisprudence Im sworn to defend in spite of all my own inner authoritarian inclinations! He had not made a final ruling and, while making note of the clear law in this issue, the panel should not have taken that decision away from him. If you do an internet search on [flynn covington ineffective counsel], you can read more. They knew Major Hassan was rotten, and did nothing. It is an act, basically an offer in contract and if the hammer comes down on your bid the offer has been accepted and you are contractually liable to pay the bid and receive the benefit of your bargain. Undercover Huber adds a little background in the tweets above. United States Attorney Jeffrey Jensen’s review of the government’s Flynn case file and previously undisclosed documents recently produced in the case are the key to the government’s decision to abandon the case. It’s amazing to me that even after Sullivan’s latest political rantings in the courtroom — and especially even after the new disclosures of even more high-level misapprehension about the integrity of the Flynn probe from within the probe itself, along with discussion of taking out insurance for the appearance of impropriety — we will still see leftist legal apologists explaining how this was all on the up and up…. “[The CIA] uses a specific two-letter designation, or digraph, to describe a U.S. person who has been approved … for operational contact.” The CIA doesn’t treat “operational contact” and “source” as synonyms. For me the book was instructive, scary and funny. No wonder so many of you like Communist China. I would never defend Trump, the abomination, but there are many on this thread who will defend anything Trump or his acolytes do. The Court is not just prolonging the inevitable for the ruling but the trauma for the defendant. empty wheel is a lame website that retweets the discredited and fraudulent yellow journalism outfit founded by “harasser of women and people of color” morris dees.

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