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As Joe wrote a while back, we’ve never flown on Ryanair (mainly because I won’t let him book a flight on them. Or maybe you’d like to join our Facebook group – we have 13,000+ members and we talk and ask questions about travel (including Disney parks), creative ways to earn frequent flyer miles and hotel points, how to save money on or for your trips, get access to travel articles you may not see otherwise, etc. Even more so if we’re overseas. This was handy as the queue was very long so that by the time we would reach the front the plane would be half way to Bratislava and the problem would be solved. Here we have 28 hilarious customer complaints and the witty responses they received.

Hooray for the anonymous author of this letter who was able to take a bad situation and at least put a comical spin on it! Written in ketchup and underlined in mustard, they wrote their complaint out for all to see: “We waited 30 minutes, no service.” While it isn’t funny for a customer to be left waiting like it, we do think their choice of message humorous and clever. After 2 hours of fun, fun, fun, stuck on the M25 doing 20 mph, we arrived at Stansted check in with just one hour until the flight.

We complained and requested the attention of a manager. 1 x Missed wedding reception for our Slovakian family (sorry, forgot to mention this nugget earlier) who all turned up from all over the country to see us for an event we were forced to miss, because Child and Vacant are clueless at best and Middle Gimp has anger management issues. I am definitely a customer, and believe me, you didn’t fail providing us with an experience. If only to say: been there, done that (and take a close look on baggage policies, that stuff can get nasty – but again, there is worse airlines out there), Part of me would like to go on one of the really cheap airlines just to see what it’s link. This can be easier nowadays as complaint letters can already be sent through electronic mail. She said we were still within the time and all would be fine but we had to make the attendant at check in aware and he would assist from there.

Home Funny Stuff “Dear Ryanair,”: The Funniest Complaint Letter Ever Written To An Airline “Dear Ryanair,”: The Funniest Complaint Letter Ever … 1 x very angry and upset wife, in particular with Middle Gimp for being so unbelievably rude.

We approached the attendant as instructed and explained. Comment Report abuse. About     Terms of Service     Privacy Policy     Partnerships     Contact Us     Customer Login     © 2020 Restaurant Engine, How to Avoid These Restaurant Start Up Mistakes. Worlds most expensive sandwich in the only hotel we could get £35. Here are 18 of the most ridiculous complaints collected by travel agents, online travel companies and hotels. She recited the Ryan Air customer services song with a sterling level of apathy and dreariness, I am surprised she could muster the will just to breathe and stay alive.

Helpful. My wife and I had booked to fly from Stansted on the Thursday 17th April, evening flight to Bratislava. But our vacation time is so important that I don’t want to potentially waste time if we have something that’s infuriating that takes up time or good mood. I am writing for the attention of your customer experience team. Take a look! I know this as Vacant and Not That Bright were clearly quite scared of him, and he can’t have been a Big Cheese as he was talking directly to customers and we all know from the papers that no-one in Big Cheese management at Ryan Air has ever seen, let alone spoken to an actual customer. Apparently so did a bunch of other people because it’s been shared on the ‘net a bajillion times in the past 6+ years…. We complained that we had done as instructed and she said it was the child’s fault because he should have advised her that we were trying to board a closing flight and that because he hadn’t told her it was therefore our fault we had missed the plane. P.S. I have watched a program called the news so I fully expect this to land on the desk of the customer services team underneath the empty bottles and sandwich wrappers that you also file there.

I very nearly jumped over the desk just to give her a cuddle and tell her everything would be alright if she could just muster the will to leave the Ryan Air Customer Shouting Desk and find a more fulfilling job, like starting the very first Israeli pork pie factory, or being a parking attendant in Tower Hamlets, or in fact just resigning herself to a slow and uncomfortable death would have been indistinguishable from the current position and would require much less effort. We waited patiently in the very long queue yet again for about 40 minutes to discover the nice lady had also gone home now so we had to explain the whole thing again to a new lady that looked like all the joy had been removed from her life at birth. Vacant did what she does best and looked, well,…… After establishing that the child had not informed Vacant we were here, and Vacant had forgotten to do a last call and that all of this was irreversible, and my fault, Not That Bright and Vacant conferred to agree this was not a problem they wished to deal with and told us to get in a very, very long line of very, very unhappy people at the quite wrongly titled ‘Customer Services Counter’ as it was in fact a Customer Shouting Desk. It’s no secret people are always more inclined to help you when they aren’t met with rudeness. Home » Uncategorized » 28 Hilarious Customer Complaints Paired With Their Witty Company Responses That Will Put You In A Good Mood. I’ll never fly Ryanair again. As always, Your Mileage May Vary.) To give you a helping hand, we’ve dug out some examples of funny cover letters that will most certainly give you some food for thought. 11 years ago In reply to THAT WAS SOME FUNNY STUFF that complaint letter was very funny! Disney Tourist Blames 6-Year-Old Son When WDW Security Finds Her Hidden Gun, Cruising May Happen Soon, But Cruises To Alaska Are Still Iffy - News as it happens, up-to-the-minute breaking news on Rouut, Cruising May Happen Soon, But Cruises To Alaska Are Still Iffy, NYC Will Be Enforcing Mask Use, With Fines For Anti-Maskers.

Also they did get a LOT better and I tend to say: eurowings is way worse then Ryanair nowadays. Writing complaint letter to the bank manager is the quickest way to let him know about the poor service of the ATM machine. I will leave you to decide the monetary value of this. So when I came across this complaint letter to Ryanair while surfing the internet (because that’s something I do really well), I just laughed and laughed. When she tried to re-book the flight she said that the flight we had tried to get was actually delayed by 1 hour and still at the airport and that what we should do is run to the gate with all our luggage, she would call through and they would check our bags into the hold at the gate.

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