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[69], When John-117, SSgt. Hood had the UNSC Pony Express to pick up the Spartans, but Fred decided to use a Covenant ship instead to reach the Zeta Doradus system quicker. Afterwards, they all ditched the Chief for a whole week while they camped on an island with nothing to do but light bonfires, eat clams and calamari, and surf. Prior to her conscription into the SPARTAN-II Program, Linda oversaw an \"intelligence network\" among her classmates, which she used to spy on her teachers. After revealing himself, he convinced the URF troops to assist the Spartans in fighting against their common enemy. [75], After the Spartans flew their captured Banshees to a Covenant dropship, John ordered Linda to direct the dropship behind a nearby moon. On Earth, they were deployed to deal with a rebel element in Micronesia, and on Reach, they put an end to a saboteur cell. Blue Team followed in pursuit in an M12 Chaingun Warthog. John, who had taken the Mammoth's controls, took responsibility. [57] Their retaliation resulted in the deaths of every Covenant soldier on the planet and footage of it was broadcast to the public in order to boost morale. Kelly discovered scientists hiding inside the Mammoth and relayed this to John, who was driving. [12] While en route, Chief Mendez explained that each trainee would be dropped off alone in different locations throughout the preserve with only a piece of various maps provided to them. It turned out that she was actually hiding in broad daylight, but angled so that the sun would not reflect off of her suit, thus providing an undetectable cover from which she eliminated the Banshees. [92] After Linda and the rest of the human survivors had explored the sphere for several days—over three months in normal spacetime—they discovered a group of Huragok which helped them establish contact with the outside and eventually bring the sphere back into normal space. The Spartans then split their attention between finding an escape route and freeing Lucy. She was then abducted, replaced with a flash clone, and sent to the SPARTAN training … However, the Insurrectionists successfully ambushed Linda, Kelly, Fred, and John using an antigravity plate which disabled the Spartans. Though it was only a little after 1000 hours then, the trainees planned to spring their attack at 0500 the next day. This day, she taught them about the hunting strategies of wolves and emphasized the importance of the pack over the individual in accomplishing a challenge, such as taking down a moose. Linda in the Halo 2: Anniversary terminals. She made sure they made it to the vessel's fusion reactors and allowed them to overload the reactors. [12] Linda soon met up with John, Sam, Kelly-087, and Frederic-104.

[25] Their objective on this date was to capture their opponents' flag and exfiltrate with it. It was thought that she was designated Blue-Two and was by John's side during the mission when, in actuality, Kelly was designated Blue-Two. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. She attempted to hail them but got no responses. John was determined to pursue them. She also fought the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV. Linda overcame the ambush while Chen extracted both Athos and Gabriela from the Promise and fought him briefly before gaining the upper hand. Linda before Blue Team's assault on Argent Moon. [13] Mendez addressed them all, saying they were to shower at the barracks aft and then return to their cots to dress. The Guardian jumped to slipspace on a course for Genesis, taking Blue Team with it. Linda was one of the Spartans who infiltrated Unyielding Hierophant, in the Tau Ceti system, in a Type-25 Spirit, providing cover for John-117, Fred-104, Will-043, and Grace-093 with an SRS99C-S2 AM sniper rifle. However, while leaving Wendosa in a Falcon, the aircraft was shot down by Keeper fire. Momentos antes de la caída de Reach, Linda estuvo en el UNSC Pillar of Autumn. Linda and Fred then dropped from the tree branch they'd been perched on and ran across the clearing to join John.

Linda and the rest of Blue Team—Fred, Kelly, Tom-B292, Lucy-B091, Ash-G099, Olivia-G291, and Mark-G313—were attached to ONI's 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion, a research battalion charged with recovering the AI. The monitor then teleported the Didact to Gamma Halo's control room to prevent him from killing the Spartans. She floated above the Halo for several days until after the destruction of the installation. [88] Once they had located Onyx's map room, Endless Summer assigned them on a mission to destroy a Sentinel factory, in which they succeeded. Linda questioned the necessity of working with the rebels so John reminded her that Halsey hoped they could gather intelligence regarding what the Covenant was doing on the planet, and that the humans who lived there could help with that. Dr. Halsey revived Linda aboard UNSC Gettysburg. Once John had dealt with him and resumed boarding, the Guardian began to awaken. Cortana refused and sealed Blue Team in a Cryptum, intending to keep them in stasis for 10,000 years. At noon the children stopped to stretch and eat berries they had gathered along their journey. Upon landing on Genesis, Blue Team came across a series of computer consoles sounding musical tunes of Oly Oly Oxen Free. HORN AND HIDE stands alongside 2552's Operation: FIRST STRIKE as one of Linda's most noteworthy combat successes. [19] At some point during their training, Linda and the others accompanied Mendez to the colony of Emerald Cove, where they were given a mission that involved spending time underwater. Linda is famous for her abilities with the sniper rifle. [73], As John, Will, and Fred evacuated, Linda, with some of her best and potent shooting skills, managed to shoot seven Sangheili pilots right out of their airborne Type-26 Banshee fliers one-handed and hanging upside-down from a cable. Fue designada como Azul-Tres con parte del equipo de John-117 por parte de la Estación Gamma de Reach para borrar toda la base de datos de Navegación de la ONI de la UNSC Circumference. Both Locke and Buck explained that they had rescued the doctor from Jul 'Mdama and brought her back to the Infinity and that she had subsequently insisted on accompanying them to Sanghelios. [41] All the Spartans rose and stood at attention when Mendez entered and remained standing until Stanforth gave them permission to be seated.

View the profiles of people named Linda. [91], On the other side of the slipspace rift, the human survivors found themselves inside a massive micro Dyson sphere contained within a compressed slipspace bubble in the heart of Onyx. Fast, FREE delivery, video streaming, music, and much more. [43] Their objective was to lessen the pressure on the main UNSC garrison within the city so that a proper counterattack could be prepared. Linda (right) with Fred-104 and Kelly-087. [80] Linda, along with Blue Team, stopped the Covenant forces that had captured multiple nuclear warheads. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages that interest you. On the Persian Gate, Halsey led a funeral service for Sam wherein an empty casket was ejected into space around Chi Ceti IV. When the time came to split up, she whispered a final warning to John to be careful.

The three of them just narrowly managed to wrest control of the hulking vehicle from its Kig-Yar and Sangheili hijackers. Linda's team managed to avoid finishing last, and so she avoided being penalized with missing out on that night's dinner of roast turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, brownies, and ice cream served in the mess hall. Once they were back aboard the Persian Gate John confronted Lieutenant Commander Yao about abandoning Whitaker and the others. It was near sundown when they finally came upon their destination in a meadow where another Albatross dropship sat. She is one of the few known surviving Spartans and also best known for her skill with her SRS 99-S5 Sniper Rifle Nornfang, and once eliminated two targets so quickly that even John-117 couldn't tell who she had targeted first in the field. Fireteam Osiris, a Spartan-IV unit led by Spartan Jameson Locke, was tasked with recovering Blue Team and the Acrisius. She is one of the few known surviving Spartan-IIs, and is best known for her skill with the sniper rifle. Dossier on Linda from the special edition of Halo 5: Guardians. Mark-G313 dropped the nuke into the Well of Echoes and the Owl left the planet as the HAVOK detonated and destroyed the Forerunner installation.[105]. Despite the risk, each one of them volunteered at once to be the first to try Mjolnir, but Halsey ultimately decided on John being the one to demonstrate it first.

[96] Meanwhile, a string of murders had been occurring in the cave systems; the UNSC forces on Gao agreed to help the Gao Ministry of Protection with the murders while they covertly located the AI, both parties unaware that the murders were caused by the ancilla. Upon arrival at the planet, Blue Team was redirected to the mining settlement of Black Reef and ordered to neutralize the invaders there and discover why it was being targeted. One all seventy-four others were aboard, Déjà lifted them off the ground and returned them home. [46], During the first decade of the war, Blue Team fought on dozens of besieged worlds, buying time for orderly UNSC withdrawals and civilian evacuations and leading strikes deep into the heart of enemy forces to destroy key ships and eliminate Covenant commanders. The briefing on the new threat and the UNSC's reaction to it concluded, Stanforth then let them all know that Mendez would be leaving them to begin the training of a second class of Spartans. As the Unyielding Hierophant and the massive Covenant fleet were destroyed, the Gettysburg returned to Earth. [103] However, recently elected President of Gao Arlo Casille declared war on the UNSC forces on the planet and Gao battle-jumpers and Wyverns were ordered to engage the battalion's remaining forces. After the end of the Human-Covenant War and the recovery of those trapped within the shield world of Onyx, Blue Team was redeployed on the outer fringes of human-occupied territory to eliminate lingering pockets of Human-Covenant conflict. Concept art of Linda for Halo: Collateral Damage. [32][33] With the assistance of surgeons, biotechnicians, and automated robotic machinery, the surgical procedures Linda endured included occipital capillary reversals, the carbide ceramic ossification of her bones, the insertion of a catalytic thyroid implant, injections to enhance muscle strength and endurance, and the fibrification of neural dendrites to make them superconductive. [115] Then they were off, soaring through and past the planet's atmosphere on a trip that took them just a few hours. At 6010 hours a Pelican landed at the zone, but given that Mendez was not supposed to extract them until 0700 hours, only John showed himself while everyone else remained hidden. Linda was then detected by Cortana and John, who were in a Longsword fighter.

[43], The passageway traversed by Blue Team took them more than thirty meters below sea level. A render of Linda-058 in Halo 5: Guardians. As such, the Spartans were unable to resuscitate them and fled to a chamber within Onyx's core, taking Team Katana with them, whilst being pursued by a Covenant army under command of Fleet Master Voro Nar 'Mantakree.

Dressed in fatigues, a heavy parka, and boots, Linda was dropped off like the rest within a snow-covered forest. Her team scouted out the residential section of the city and found no survivors.

Linda recalling a childhood memory in Halo: Lone Wolf. Blue Team needed to escape, but their Banshees would not escape the explosion in time and their arrival Pelican appeared to have been destroyed.

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