homemade hide tanning solution

These oils are usually used on boots for waterproofing... And that's exactly what we are using it for.

You will not need everything on this list, the types of knives, boards, and scrapers used are left up to personal preference. I have seen the results of this tanning recipe and the leather turns out great, I just personally prefer not to use chemicals when tanning, or on my homestead, in general. So, you live on a homestead and raise your own meat. More Posts You'll Love577 Using a tanning oil solution, which can be purchased online, evenly coat the flesh side. Great writing. • Wood Ash – I dump the wood ash from our wood stoves into a metal trash can with a firm fitting lid all year long to make my hide tanning stockpile.

You can also use the same Mink oil you rub onto your saddle and tack, coconut oil, olive oil, or cooking oil for the same purpose.

Direct sunlight on the hide during the fleshing process will often make the hide become too brittle to process and work with properly to keep it pliable – in essence ruining the leather. on Step 3. While I haven’t ever used a tanning bed, I have resorted to a spray on tan treatment when I vacationed in Hawaii. I have a daughter with very pale skin.

Thank you for this blog–I enjoyed reading it, and I feel inspired to do some experimenting!

She loves spending time with her kids and loves gardening, projects and chickens.

Native Americans made a frame out of branches to tie the hide to for these same purposes. Great idea, especially for people who have naturally oily skin… But, because I have dry skin (man, this thyroid thing sucks and I’m working on it, but, geesh!! And considering we live in the south, is almost unbearable for her. This is to scrape off the leftover skin and fats left on the hide so the hide will not rot. You can also freeze the hides for a long time, years perhaps, until you are ready to tan them – and negating the need to salt, clean, and hang them all right away after butchering. After your skin is primed and your DIY self tanner has cooled and been transferred to a spray bottle, it’s time to apply it. Let the hides soak in the solution for approximately 40 minutes – stirring occasionally. My legs have gone from looking pallid to a touch golden, and dare I say it, sun kissed. Thank you so much for all the posts that I have received since subscribing. Even though I have no need for a tanner, this article kept my attention…..I’ve unsubscribed from a lot of similar blogs recently, but I’m keeping this one! The good thing is that the dark tone don’t go away when your skin get wet (sea bathing, and so), you know that henna decorations are very long lasting. Maybe this will help me from getting teased in the summer. It is also used to reduce moisture and draw out excess chemicals in some tanning recipes. Give it a try and adjust as necessary! Bring 16 oz. Starting with small animals is best for several reasons. I swear, people need sunglasses for eye protection when I do. I too am a red head that goes from white to red to white again all summer long. How long salted hide is hung will depend upon the condition of the hide and the weather. I’m going to start this out with a confession: when I was in high school, and even a few times in college, I occasionally visited a tanning bed. I like the idea from another commenter about using coffee grounds. • Pelting Knife – These knives come in several shapes and are great for when you get into tight spot on the hide. Where did you get tanning solutionAnd how much .? I did this four or five times, which sounds like a lot, but the tanner dried quickly.

Moisturizing your skin will make it easier to get a good, even skin tone. I’m excited to try this. I say this because, like vinegar, I use it in many other DIY cleaning solutions. The oil should be absorbed into the pelt rather quickly and not leave much of a residue. When I stopped visiting tanning beds, I looked for some other methods to darken my skin. First, they are easier to work with, require fewer hours of manual labor to clean and process them. and let them drain and begin to dry. I’m definitely going to try this. Did you make this project? Some of the materials are specific to the style of tanning you choose to try – as noted next to each. Like you haven’t seen my skin and I’m not even a redhead (but I have freckles). Tara lives on a 56 acres farm in the Appalachian Mountains, where she faces homesteading and farming challenges every single day. Once the leather is dry, you need to work it with your hands to break up all of the little membranes. This will usually also lighten the color somewhat. Thanks for sharing! I still believe that there is no shame in having skin that doesn’t tan, and most of the time I wear shorts and skirts with confidence.

2. lol. The reviews I’ve read online of tanners/moisturizers together weren’t great, but I’d say it’s definitely worth a try if you’re interested! Keeping the sun off the hide during the tanning process is also essential. • Gloves and Apron – Native Americans and early pioneers probably did not wear gloves when they tanned hide, but I sure do. You should assume any link is an affiliate link. It is usually mixed with agricultural lime and water to create the soaking bath. Makes a super fantastic organic daily moisturizer and hides a few of the “imperfections”!

This could take 30 minutes or more, but believe me when I tell you that you don’t want to spray nearly-boiling tea on your legs. • Hoof File – If you have a livestock hoof file that is getting dull and needs sharpening, you can use it as a scraper or pelting knife before you file a new sharp edge onto it. (For a medium sized skin you should use about a whole box). Parts 2 and 3 to the tanning series should be published soon, followed by the tanning and then sewing parts – as soon as I get that far and my hands stop feeling so sore from all the scraping and de-furring, lol!

You will receive both educational newsletter emails, and promotional emails, at no cost to you. Stir (or slosh, really) the skins in the rinse water for at least five minute to make sure all the salt that was on the skins has been removed. Good info! Leaving the tanning solution on the hide, sprinkle baking soda on the oils. Thanks! I’ve had a lot of success making creams and just recently mastered lotion making! It was easy to make, easy to use, and I plan to keep it around for the rest of the summer. I had to sift the hide around a bit more than I usually due because of its bulk, but the trough still provided enough free movement for the lye in the wood ash to mix with the water and coat the entire hide.

I haven’t been able to have tan legs in years. Learn to Make Your Own Amish Friendship Bread! As I said before, I have a very light complexion. Because we have a butcher shop on our homestead, I simply hit a button on the overhead track and meat hooks roll my way to hang the pelt upon. After a while you will be able to take out your dry, clean, and great smelling fluffy hide! This can be bought at stores like Cabelas or it can be made at home. Does it have to be used everyday? My stir stick is a 4-foot club that I found laying in my Hubby’s junk pile. First, it isn’t completely waterproof. I loved reading your article. 28. Once the water cools to a Lukewarm state, CAREFULLY pour in the battery acid. These will both work, but you will need to be gently when using a wire brush or you will tear or poke holes into the hide. I enjoyed reading this. I’m a redhead too! I just realized my vanilla is gone and my beans will need to soak for a long time before I get a good color. Pour the boiling water over the bran flakes. If there are spots of salt that turned hard and can't be shaken off then use a wire brush and scrape it off. If you pour several boxes of baking soda into the solution to neutralize it, a possibility toxic gas will be released as the soda causes a froth and bubbles to form on the surface of the mixture. Butchers do not usually keep the brain matter, so make sure to request its salvage if you are going to brain tan – it keeps in the fridge just fine for a few day to a week. This is a labor intensive and stinky process – you will NOT want to flesh your hides inside a garage attached to your house! It was downright stupid of me to go to a tanning bed, and I’ll never do it again. How long does this fake tan last for after each use? • Fire – If you are going to smoke the hides, you can use a metal fire ring or sawed off metal drum, to keep the fire contained and going during the smoking process. You don’t have to do anything fancy, but give the target area (legs or arms, probably) a good scrub with a washcloth a few hours before you need to use your tanner. Oil the skin to prevent it from cracking or drying out.

15. When holding both sides with your palms, lightly scrape the side opposite of the fur in straight motions.

How to Make a Natural Homemade Deodorant StickMany test batches yielded this homemade deodorant stick that smells great, stores well, and keeps odor away! -Salt-Skinning knives-Baking soda-Stretcher-Tanning solution. Classic and Comforting Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe, Natural, Immune-Boosting Homemade Cough Drops. You get extra self-reliance points if you butcher the meat yourself. Many test batches yielded this homemade deodorant stick that smells great, stores well, and keeps odor away! I will next time. Another thing the baking soda does is … Baking soda may have a negative effect on the leather preservation, but it is a commonly used ingredient in many tanning recipes. If using wood ash to remove hair from the belt, you will use a bucket or trough for this process as well. Just one question: does the vanilla help with the color, or is it just meant as a preservative or for smell? Thank you. Reply Thanks! First to start off get your scraper. Carefuly press the skin down to make sure they are all thoroughly coated and entirely saturated by the solution. 5. Stir the battery acid both thoroughly and carefully, making sure that it does not splash out of the trash can. You MUST wear protective gloves, keep your arms covered, and only do in the outdoors or an extremely well-ventilated area. This is a great use for it. As to a comment above, this is one I will not unsubscribe from. 10. of water and 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract to a boil. Odds are, you will try several different variations until you find the one that works best for your. Have you made your own lotion yet? 16. Learning How to Make Washing Soda is Very Simple! Once the wood ash has cooled, it can be moved to a plastic tub, plastic barrel, or a trash bag for storage. Pour the baking soda into the water to neutralize as much of the acid on the hide as possible. Expect a lot of trial and error, when learning how to tan. Put the hide over the stretcher inside out and let it sit for a week. They smell of the flesh will attract predator and you will awake the next morning to find a pack of coyotes gnawing on what would have become your new leather coat, saddle bags, or fur rug. It’s also a good idea to moisturize your skin. This self tanner is best kept in the refrigerator in a glass container, but even when refrigerated it won’t keep more than a week or two.

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