how do i look up court cases in alberta

Putting words into quotation marks (“”) means to find the exact phrase.

Instead, wouldn’t it be nice to read a concise summary of each case? She is the founder of a nonprofit mental health group and personal coaching service. Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII), Australian Legal Information Institute (AustLII), British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII), World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII), Human Rights Topics- Canadian Human Rights Reporter, Reading and Understanding Case Reports: A Guide for Self-Represented Litigants, For oral decisions you must request a transcript of the case. CanLII – Yukon Court DecisionsThe government of Yukon does not maintain its own database of court decisions, but CanLII includes decisions from Yukon courts from 1996 to the present.
For current COVID-19 information, see Canlii – Nova Scotia Court DecisionsIncludes decisions from Nova Scotia courts and various administrative tribunals from 1991 – present. But, if you don’t see any results, try again a couple more times to make sure. These are different than court orders which are generally only available directly from the court that issued the order and not available online. Property division? Saskatchewan Case DigestsThis database contains case digests of Court of Appeal, Queen’s Bench, and a selection of Provincial Court judgments from 1987 to the present. A subpoena is an order to attend court, a failure to do so may result in a warrant for your arrest. Note that not every decision is reported or formally published, some are delivered orally. For the purpose of the Court’s media programs, the Court defines professional media as including persons or organizations who in the practice of journalism regularly gather, assess, and accurately present news and information using print, broadcast, or electronic means. Retrieves documents that contain all the terms. Library Catalogue. At this point, you might decide to modify your search terms.

The database also includes brief digests for some older decisions, where the full-text is not available online. CanLII – Manitoba Court DecisionsThe Manitoba government does not maintain its own database of court decisions, but CanLii includes decisions from Manitoba courts, and some administrative tribunals, from 1998 to the present. When you are searching, you will see case names and abbreviations that may make little sense to you.

Reviewed by: Michelle Seidel, B.Sc., LL.B., MBA. This is called judicial treatment. If you appear as a witness in court, speak to the court clerk to obtain further information. On CanLII, most cases come with these summaries. The Alberta Courts Public and Media Access Guide covers access to court proceedings, court records and exhibits by members of the public, including the media. While you are searching for relevant cases, it will not be time-efficient to read through entire cases. Alberta Courts Public and Media Access Guide Get a Passport. A collection of judgments of the Provincial Court of Alberta is available from CanLII.

For example, Pettkus v. Becker, 1978 CanLII 50 (ON CA) was the Ontario Court of Appeal decision before it reached the SCC. Find out more about the Alberta court system​. Is it positive or negative? Nova Scotia Court DecisionsThis website includes decisions from various Nova Scotia courts, 2003 to the present, together with some selected older decisions.

Judicial Treatment – The other part of checking whether a case is still good law is seeing what other judges have said about the case. You can narrow your results under the “Cases” tab. In Section 7.7, there is a Case Law Worksheet . Check the National Archives database.

With the exception of closed family law hearings in certain jurisdictions, court dates are a matter of public record and are accessible to the public through the court system and criminal justice facilities. For example, putting “AND” between your keywords means that you’re telling your search engine to find all of the words. Alberta Law Libraries will be closed for Remembrance Day on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. Retrieves documents containing either of the two terms. How you need it. CanLII – Ontario Court DecisionsCanLII includes decisions from Ontario Courts and various administrative tribunals, mostly from 2002 to the present. What can I do if I, or someone I care about, is being abused? See “. For print case reporters, visit our subject-specific guides or search our catalogue. Follow these steps: 1. But, if you don’t see any results, try again a couple more times to make sure. See what the judges have said about the case. 8. Alberta Hansard .
7. Alberta … Please visit the library or use our Ask a Law Librarian service to find out if we have the Unreported Decision you are seeking. Records Online. Speak with the facility where the person is incarcerated. If they no longer have a copy of a decision and the decision went to appeal the transcript of the oral decision is part of the appeal book and a copy may be requested through the registry at the Court of Appeal. Labour Relations Board DecisionsThis website includes decisions rendered by the Board from 1975 to the present. Alberta Royal Canadian Mounted Police Contact information for all RCMP detachments in this jurisdiction. When you inquire about a court date, you can expedite the call by having the party's full name and case number ready when you make your query. Read opinions Rules of Court Request public records Request bulk data. Court decisions may also be referred to as judgments, reasons for judgment, or reasons. Near the top of the case on CanLII, you will see a line that reads, “Cited by [#] documents”. Oral decisions require transcribing in order to view them. Paper Case Files Most cases created before 1999 are maintained in paper format only. Please contact the Court’s Communications Officer. They are called headnotes, and they usually appear before the actual decision. There is a fee for this service. Pay a Traffic Citation. Pay a Criminal Fine or Fee. You may be asked to submit your request in writing and show proof of your identity, such as a driver's license or passport.

You should read at least a few of these cases. For an explanation of how to communicate with Justices of the Court appropriately, see the, L’emploi de la langue française et service d'interprète, Remote Hearings Protocol & Troubleshooting, Formule pour la coordination des procès criminels, Guidelines for Documents filed by Email or Digital Upload, eNotice of Restricted Access Applications, Notice to Media of Application for Restricting Order, see further troubleshooting information here, Request for Exhibit or Private Hearing Record, Court administration offices and other contacts,, Undertaking and Agreement of Non-Lawyer (Word), Undertaking and Agreement of Non-Lawyer (PDF), Use of Photographs or Video Recordings of Judges - Policy, Use of Photographs or Video Recordings of a Judge - Undertaking Form, Individuals charged with traffic to criminal offenses by the Calgary Police Service (CPS) will be issued release documentation that will require them to either pay a fine, or attend court. This will save you a lot of time in the long run.

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