how to go out alone as a woman

As part of the launch of its newest and 20 th tribe, Solo Female Travelers, Trip by Skyscanner recently released a list of the 10 most dangerous places for solo female travelers.Based on a … More stupid, patronizing advice that says women have to live their lives in fear and paranoia, and in fact shouldn't even be living alone at all. This will help protect your home from break-ins, and make you feel safer home alone at night. Living alone has its perks. Perhaps after some therapy you can help others with your experience but won't get better doing what you're currently doing. If they know that you are live alone, you may be at greater risk of being burgled. […] smart to be prepared instead of looking the other way. I appreciate it because it's relevant for me. This is the second time.

It was insane, but it was safe. One Saturday afternoon, a time of day that I considered very safe based on nothing other than the shining sun and chirping birds, a young girl knocked on my door. Here we go. Might as well skip the whole coordinating-schedules ordeal, and go by yourself. So if you have a good relationship with your neighbors, you can help each other. So this is what the Women's Movement has come to? This simple step will greatly reduce the likelihood of any serious security issues in the future. Someone could have swiped my keys or a neighbor could have been trying to alert me to a more serious emergency. Love solo travelling. I go out alone, a lot. In college I lived in a sorority house in Indiana with 80 girls. Never miss the Reolink latest. At that point, I realized I had unintentionally opened my door to several strangers. Oh please I've been a woman living on my own for years and I'm not afraid. That is, until another boom! , Pingback: What to Do If You Think Someone is in Your Home and You’re Home Alone – Trinity Security Innovations(), Know the gun laws for your state... take the conceal and carry course, get you license and be armed at all times. Is it safe to live alone in Indy as a 25 year old woman? Hot deals, news, and updates tailored for you. Sure, it can be dangerous if one's not trained, but, good training will give a woman ability to defend herself, and make any man evil enough to mess with her regret doing so! Realizing there was an unhealthy element of narcissism to my self-consciousness really got me thinking about it differently.

struck my window with so much force that I thought it broke.

So before moving in, you can check the fire escapes and exit doors in the building. Another tip for a female living alone for the first time is not advertising you are alone. Some of them can also be used as home safety tips for men living alone, and for the elderly living alone. I found your article because I looked up safety tips. Of course, be careful about giving out personal information until you know them well. Whenever you are not at home, always lock your doors and windows.

Sure, it may be a little vag-centric, but there’s nothing precluding non-menstruators from carrying a product or two.
But they are not just for women. Funny thing is, I’ve met two, seen three, and imagined four. Below are top 8 effective ways to stay safe when living alone as a single female for the first time. Seems like something you wouldn’t have to worry about, right? For whatever reason, I haven’t felt like getting to know my neighbors, and it hasn’t done me any favors. The beauty of traveling alone (or going on “me dates”) is that every day is (potentially) the perfect day because you get to do what you want, when you want. Instead of getting to know them, I’ve contrived very elaborate stories for almost all nine of my current neighbors.

Try to be friends with them if possible.
They could offer help when you live alone. Whether you've had a long day at work, got a craving for a gin and tonic, or are in the mood to go out, but none of your friends are handy, there are plenty of reasons why you would go to a bar alone. Here we go. And if you feel uncomfortable at any point during your me date, you can always pick up and leave, guilt-free—no excuse needed. If going out alone still sounds intimidating, your best bet is to start small, like going to a coffee shop, getting your drink to stay and sitting alone for 10 or 15 minutes as you sip it.

My biggest concern was getting pinkeye (if one got it, we all got it). I hope these safety tips can give you a peace of mind and get on well with your life. At least pepper spray; but, having a gun and learning how to use it is even better, I think. The biggest advantage is that you have more freedom and you enjoy your personal space. Submission failed. The live footage on these cameras can be viewed on phones and mobile devices, from any location. A blog writer and content marketer by day, and a reader by night. So, I did what any grown woman would do and moved from my bed to the floor, where I continued to watch the movie in heightened fear. Before you move into a new property, research the area and the property that will become your new home. For some reason, there’s still a stigma attached to going out alone.

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