kayaking the entire delaware river

Would like to Kayak entire Delaware River from Cannonville Dam (West Branch) to the end.

Port Jervis to Easton…My brother-in-law and I paddled from Port Jervis to Easton in two days. My mom always told me that I should never say yes to anything a stranger proposed to me in a bar. The rain returned. Small sections of rapids on this trip. Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm PDT, Every Outdoor Research® product is covered by our Infinite Guarantee®, Stay up to date with our latest deals and products, Thanks for signing up! Delaware River Tubing sets the bench mark, we are the true river professionals. I absolutely loved my experience. My sister has been in bed all the day after with back pains. Every try to be us but we have the very best section of river, the most scenic, fun and historic! While I plied him with saltines and soup, we joked about how he’d pitched this trip in the bar as a “romantic beach vacation.” It just happened that we were lying in the sand on the edge of a landfill, waiting for the tide to come in and watching the smoke rise from the stacks of the DuPont factory across the river while he dry heaved. Practice Safer Paddling and remember to ALWAYS WEAR A LIFE JACKET! Everyone had masks on.

Is 5 days reasonable for the Deposit/Port Jervis run? Lots of quiet pools and a few short riffles make this section ideal for beginning paddlers and those seeking a relaxing trip. Within the first hour on the water we were almost decapitated by a string of barbed wire strung across the river. Follow the rivers to the ocean of Delaware and paddle around one of the many bays on the coast while you're at it! We enjoyed it very much! They thought we were swamp weeds. … This part of the Delaware River is relatively unspoiled as it travels through the rural landscape. We are planning a visit to our doctors tomorrow. A must see. Sorry, Mom. hth, 20 to 25 miles a day if it’s runningthree feet or above. The boys they have working there literally stood by watching us struggle and fall down trying to drag these huge kayaks up ATLEAST 20 steps! If you want to plot your own route, check out all paddling locations in Delaware! Our leisurely afternoons spiked with rapids gave way to an unending slog against the tide. I’ve done the 20 miles from Skinners to the Lackawaxen in less than 2 hours when the river was swollen. Camping is difficult to do leagaly, OTH small quiet camps on private land without permission can be had. I met Steve last winter at a first-responder course, where we bonded due to our shared histories of terrible-but-awesome backcountry shenanigans and gruesome rugby injuries.

After a long drive back to Vermont contemplating the grim reality of returning to our respective offices, we decided to cap the trip with a beer at Burt’s, which was where the whole thing started. I have only kayaked/canoes/rafted day trips, ranging from 5-25 miles. Free Parking, free bbq meal midway with the Hot Dog Man! It was a fun day with the kids (4 of them between 11 - 13). And as the front of our canoe plunged over a massive limestone ledge and my profanity-laden holler about the size of the drop was met with a gleeful “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” from my paddling partner, I wondered if my mom might be right. Inside the store was pretty bare bones but I'm not sure if that is just because of Covid. It was a beautifully, hot day. The bartender asked how the trip had been; we grinned and launched into our slew of horror stories.

A substantial portion of the oceanfront is lined with bays and waterways to paddle, just remember to watch the tides to maximize your enjoyment on the water! When you are this close to the water you can feel the strength of the Delaware’s rapids! Read a few examples of Delaware community trip reports below: Are you looking to connect with other paddlers about going kayaking in Delaware? Somehow paddling across open ocean into a military weapons testing facility was less intimidating than the idea of trying to get to a hospital with 200 lbs of gear, an 18-foot canoe, and minimal health insurance. (It led me to this site.) We figure it out and over one hour later we were on a bus to kayak. Speak with one of our experts. Floating down the river on a sunny day is like having your own lazy river. Totally recommend it. Follow the rivers to the ocean of Delaware and paddle around one of the many bays on the coast while you're at it! The waters were abandoned; we nervously joked that they couldn’t possibly be firing over the Chesapeake Bay because that would be wildly dangerous for passing boaters. Planning a paddling trip? October 15, 2019, 5:13pm #1. My both arms and my back have been completely destroyed.

For what they charge how can you ask customers to go through this?! Over the years, many of our paddlers have paddled throughout Delaware and were so generous to share their paddling experiences with us in a community trip report. Just miles from where George Washington crossed. THIS IS ROBBERY! I can’t wait to do it again. Delaware River Tubing is the absolutely the best Tubing, Rafting, Kayaking and canoeing on the entire Delaware River! Good Luck. Canoeing the Delaware can also begin at Phillipsburg, and proceed south from there. We even tacked on an additional 70 miles to finish in Baltimore, because … well, we don’t have a good reason other than it sounded cool to end in a major urban area. The final night of the trip was at a beautiful beachside tent site on the one island we could find that wasn’t riddled with explosives. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. At the end there are people to help you get your raft to steps.

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