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This project helps Marjane make up with her grandmother. By this time, Marjane’s friends have all moved away. 350f. We have shaped our minds into believing that other countries want our help with their issues. Kia is a good friend of Marjane's from when they were children. Mom and Dad don’t recognize Marjane when she finds them at the airport. In April 2006, Mahdavikia caused a stir when it came out he married a second wife named, Samira Samii, while being in his native Iran in December 2005, thus practising bigamy. In Persepolis, Marjane references this idea in The Water Cell chapter.

He came back missing both his left leg and his left arm. [21], Similarities between the battle fought at Thermopylae and the Persian Gates have been recognized by ancient and modern authors. It’s winter, so Marjane develops bronchitis and ends up in the hospital. Kia is one of Marjane's childhood friends.

© 2020 Shmoop University Inc | All Rights Reserved | Privacy | Legal. Marjane is initially shocked by Kia's appearance—he's missing an arm and a leg and confined to a wheelchair. Arrian's 700 can thus be interpreted as indicating the total strength of Ariobarzanes. They are later reunites, and their friendship is stronger than ever. [17], A few historians regard the Battle of the Persian Gate as the most serious challenge to Alexander's conquest of Persia. She decides it’s silly that she almost let love kill her when she survived war and revolution in Iran.

But when Marjane meets her roommate, Lucia, the girls realize they have a problem: Marjane doesn’t speak German, while Lucia doesn’t speak French or Persian.

In 2003, Die Welt wrote that Mahdavikia is worth €8–10 million.[11].

[26] This destruction of the city can be viewed as unusual as its inhabitants surrendered without a fight and Alexander had earlier left Persian cities he conquered, such as Susa, relatively untouched. Marjane realizes that her parents have no idea how difficult life is for her in Vienna. There were only a few possible routes through the Zagros Mountains, all of which were made more hazardous by winter's onset. The Battle of the Persian Gate was a military conflict between a Persian force, commanded by the satrap of Persis, Ariobarzanes, and the invading Hellenic League, commanded by Alexander the Great.In the winter of 330 BC, Ariobarzanes led a last stand of the outnumbered Persian forces at the Persian Gates near Persepolis, holding back the Macedonian army for a month.

[9][10] Encyclopædia Iranica suggests a number of defenders of just 700 (or no more than 2,000) men based on the maximum number of troops likely at Ariobarzanes' disposal, but it notes that most modern historians follow Arrian, Curtius, and Diodorus unreservedly. B. Bosworth refers to it as a "complete and decisive victory for Alexander". "[23] The Battle of the Persian Gates served as a kind of reversal of the Battle of Thermopylae, fought in Greece in 480 BC in an attempt to hold off the invading Persian forces. Source(s) Persepolis: the … [27] In May 330 BC, Alexander ordered the terrace of Persepolis, including its palaces and royal audience halls, to be burned before he left to find Darius III. [citation needed], those protesting the highly contested Iranian presidential election, "Kultprofi Mahdavikia besteht A-Lizenz-Prüfung", "Iransk U-19-talang: "Jag vill spela i OS 2016, "Mahdavikia will als Trainer hoch hinaus", "Irans Legende Mehdi Mahdavikia im Interview: "Wir haben Bayern geschlagen, "Mahdavikia Joins Hamburger U21 Team as Assistant Coach", "IFAB hails Iran's Mahdavikia joining AFC advisory Panel", "Mahdavikia, Lili proud to play ambassador roles", "Mahdavikia scoops Asian best player award", "Weil das Team so stark spielt, steigt der Marktwert von Pagels Profis ganz enorm / Lange Vertragszeiten zahlen sich nun aus 100 Millionen: So wertvoll ist der HSV", "Mahdavikia pokert mit dem HSV um Millionen", "Mehdi Mahdavikia verlässt Eintracht Frankfurt", "Mahdavikia will be played his last match against A.C. Milan", "Reports: Iranian Soccer Stars Forced to 'Retire' Over Wristband Protest", "Mehdi Mahdavikia – Century of International Appearances", "Mehdi Mahdavikia appointed as Youth teams Manager", "Valencia 0-0 Hamburg (Aggregate: 0 - 1)", "HSV-Presseservice: 125 Jahre HSV - Die große Gala", "Mahdavikia: "Ich wäre gerne Bundesligatrainer, "Bigamie: Zweitfrau verklagt HSV-Spieler", "Doppel-Ehe: Mahdavikia gesteht "großen Fehler" ein", "Samira Samii (Samiee) beim TSV 1860 München zu Gesprächen", RSSSF archive of Mehdi Mahdavikia's international appearances,, Iranian expatriate sportspeople in Germany, Asian Young Footballer of the Year winners, Articles with dead external links from January 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles containing Persian-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2020, Pages using national squad without sport or team link, Pages using national squad without comp link, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, * Senior club appearances and goals counted for the domestic league only, This page was last edited on 18 September 2020, at 16:53. He himself stated that he made a "big mistake", and they divorced after a short while.[32][33][34][35].

Next Marjane. When Mom comes for visit a visit, she doesn’t even recognize Marjane because she’s grown so much. [13][24], The defeat of Ariobarzanes' forces at the Persian Gate removed the last military obstacle between Alexander and Persepolis. Marjane spends most of her time watching TV on her parents’ couch until Dad suggests that Marjane is wasting her life. [26] This destruction of the city can be viewed as unusual as its inhabitants surrendered without a fight and Alexander had earlier left Persian cities he conquered, such as Susa, relatively untouched. Alexander was forced to leave his dead behind to save the rest of his army—a great mark of disgrace to the Macedonians and to other Greeks who valued highly the recovery and proper burial of their fallen.[13].

The valley preceding the Persian Gate, called the Tang'e Meyran, is initially very wide, allowing the Macedonian army to enter the mountains at full march. It makes their reunion difficult. This living situation is okay with Marjane, because it makes her feel independent and more like an adult. [25] Four months later, Alexander allowed the troops to loot Persepolis, kill all its men and enslave all its women, perhaps as a way to fulfill the expectations of his army and the Greek citizens, or perhaps as a final act of vengeance towards the Persians. One of Marjane and Reza’s advisors assigns them a joint final thesis. Though Marjane thinks Momo is a jerk, she knows she needs to learn more so she can fit in in Europe. [12] The Macedonians attempted to withdraw, but the terrain and their still-advancing rear guard made an orderly retreat impossible. They set up separate bedrooms and never go out together. [22] The Persian Gates played the role "of a Persian Thermopylae and like Thermopylae it fell. He helped her bully another kid with some homemade iron knuckles back in the day when torture seemed fun to a child, and he also served in the war while Marjane was away in Vienna. This idea is getting muddled into thinking that we are becoming “westernized” rather than globalized. Persepolis were managed by the club's most successful manager Ali Parvin. Her grandmother is the only family member she really wants to see. He was awarded Hamburg Player of the Year in 2003 and 2004 by the fans, and also attained the title of the top assister of goals in the Bundesliga. Persepolis also announced that Mahdavikia's farewell match would be in a pre-season friendly match against A.C. Milan in June 2013, played in the Azadi Stadium, but it was later announced that Mahdavikia's last match would be against his former side, Hamburger SV in … Because Reza doesn’t think Marjane wears enough makeup, Marjane makes herself up heavily for one of their dates. [8] As he passed into the Persian Gates he met with no resistance. Once the Macedonian army had advanced sufficiently into the narrow pass, the Persians rained down boulders on them from the northern slopes.

)", Quintis Curtius Rufus:Delphi Complete Works of Quintus Curtius Rufus - History of Alexander (Illustrated) (Delphi Ancient Classics Book 75), Delphi Classics, Ltd., Hastings and East Sussex, 2017, Berve, Das Alexanderreich II, p. 61; A. Things are rocky from the start. Preventing Alexander's passage through the Persian Gates would force the Macedonian army to use other routes to invade Persia proper, all of which would allow Darius more time to field another army, and possibly stop the Macedonian invasion altogether.

The head coach of Persepolis Yahya Golmohamadi resigned on Monday 18 March , after watching Mehdi Mahdavi cry on sport program 90 . “I lived in poverty.” Once the Macedonian army had advanced sufficiently into the narrow pass, the Persians rained down boulders on them from the northern slopes. Marjane is 14 when she arrives in Vienna, thrilled that she escaped the Iran-Iraq War and the religious fundamentalism of her home country, Iran. As a kid, Kia often got into trouble, and Marjane’s mother thought he was a bad influence. This procedure will lead to a less conflict consumed world.

Curtius and Arrian both report that prisoners of war led Alexander through the mountains to the rear of the Persian position, while a token force remained in the Macedonian camp under the command of Craterus.[15]. Marjane, who was still curious about her grandpa, asked grandma questions about her life without him. [9] He was known for his crossing, speed and dribbling. He also played some matches for Pas in Asian games as help for the club. However, Greek estimates for Persian infantries were generally valueless (C. Hignett, Xerxes’ Invasion of Greece, Oxford, 1962, pp. Meanwhile, Frau Doctor Heller accuses Marjane of prostitution. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of. Source(s) Persepolis: the …

This week in our ASTU class we read Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. Marjane doesn’t enjoy the party and is shocked when she hears Julie and her latest partner having sex. The wedding is a huge, lavish affair. ... Persepolis, Characters and Key Things 27 Terms. Passing into Persis required traversing the Persian Gates, a narrow mountain pass that lent itself easily to ambush.[7]. Prior to reading this book, I had never been exposed to the Iranian revolution. A Study in Historiography and Topography" in: This page was last edited on 21 September 2020, at 21:57. One account states that Ariobarzanes was killed in the last charge while another version by Arrian reports that Ariobarzanes escaped to the north where he finally surrendered to Alexander with his companions. Mahdavikia currently represents Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in the Football Advisory Panel of International Football Association Board (IFAB), joining the body in 2019. Click or tap on any chapter to read its Summary & Analysis. That evening, Dad explains what happened in the final weeks of the war: after Iranian militants tried to overthrow the Iranian regime, the government executed thousands of imprisoned intellectuals. Thus, Marjane returns home more depressed than ever. Alexander's army initially suffered heavy casualties, losing entire platoons at a time.

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