kick buttowski episodes

Mow Money: Rock Callahan's coming to Mellowbrook for a big concert and pyrotechnics display, Kick and Gunther's chance to meet their idol has come. Gordie tries to impress his father by attempting to destroy Kick's favorite hangout. Swap Meet: After being entrusted with the task of hiding the parents anniversary present and an incident with Brad, Kick "loses" his mother's anniversary present at a swap meet and must track it down before it's sold, along with his fathers trust in him.

Kick's "dog ate my homework" excuse is no longer valid and must complete 2 months full of homework in one night. A Cousin Kyle Christmas: It's secret Santa time at the Buttowski's! After that false start, Kick and Brad have a true test to complete.Absent: Gunther. Gunther tries to warn Kick that Jackie is crazy, but Kick doesn't believe him. A premiere is 22 mins. His grandfather tells him all about it. Kick plans to launch his career on a talent show, but before the show starts, Gunther accidentally knocks him out, Can Gunther wake up Kick before its too late? Clean... to the Extreme: A famed attraction at the Gnarly Games comes to Mellowbrook. Luigi Vendetta: Fed up with Brad’s constant bullying, Kick enlists the services of Luigi Vendetta, who promises to "take care of" Brad once and for all. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Kick is sure it will be easy, but Harold will stop at nothing to get his hands on those cookies, exhibiting Kick-style determination. After making her popular, Brianna's favorite TV show is about to be canceled and now fans of Teena Sometimes hate him, Kick has to find a way to get the show back on, or get the stuffing beaten out of him by rabid Teena Sometimes fans,even Brianna. Kick must find Kyle, who consumed a case of energy drinks. The following is a list of episodes from the Disney XD Original Series, Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.

But when lifeguards Shannon (Joanna Garcia) and Brad, who has a crush on her, force Kick and his friends to stay in the kiddie pool, Kick leads his friends in a battle for freedom and fun. Kick has an autographed copy of a book by his idol Billy Stumps which Gunther mistakenly returns to the library. : When Brad gets a new girlfriend, Kelly, Kick soon finds out she is just using him for a cheer leading initiation stunt, which is throwing a huge pile of junk on Brad live on the stage while he is performing a song for her. Kyle E. Coyote: In order to attend the Gnarly Games, Kick must track down Cousin Kyle, who has just consumed an entire case of Cheetah Chug. Poll Position: To stop Kendall from winning a class election and making his life miserable, Kick gets Wacky Jackie to run against her, but he soon discovers it to be a mistake he'll regret. Can Kick get through to Brad before he is beyond humiliated in front of his entire high school class? Hand in Hand: Kick and Kendall's hands get stuck together due to a rare cave sap, and must get unstuck without being seen together by everyone infamously known for being blabbermouths. Brad's Room: When Kick's room accidentally gets destroyed he's forced to share a bedroom with Brad, now normally that wouldn't be bad, but here's the thing; it was Brad's fault Kick's room was destroyed in the first place. But when a thief surfaces in the neighborhood a sleep deprived Kick is accused of stealing the items so to clear his name he forms a Neighborhood Watch with Gunther. Hurtsmore which pits the laws of physics against the "laws of awesome". Big Mouth: Kick and Gunther become sidekicks to Mouth after they seek his help to watch a live TV broadcast of "Jock Wilder's Crock Wrestle 2". To defeat the competition, Kick and Gunther turn to school woodshop teacher One-Eyed Jackson, a legendary go-cart racer, for help.Guest stars: Simon Helberg as Ronaldo and Adam Carolla as One-Eyed Jackson. While horsing around, Kick notices a scratch on the passenger side door, which Brad immediately tries to blame on Kick. : Honey entrusts Kick with keeping a batch of her homemade cookies away from Harold. S1, Ep2 13 Feb. 2010 If Books Could Kill/There Will Be Nachos Bromance: In order to see a new movie Kick tags along on Brad's date to make sure it goes well, but there are two problems: his date finds Kick better company than Brad, and Brad has his habits of being an oppressive big brother. Truth or Daredevil: Kick discovers that his grandfather was a spy. K-Nein: Kick finds a dog called Jazzy and grows attached, but what will he do when he discovers the dog's purpose is to prevent any and all stunts? Kick tells a scary story during a camping trip and then fears it may come true. Kick and Gunther become trapped in a viking department store, and the store manager tries to make them employees for life. Now Kick must get the band back together in time to play or he will lose the garage to Brad along with so much more. The series premiered on February 13, 2010. This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 02:40. Kick and Gunther attempt to find a golden key inside cans of energy drink which will allow Kick to ride co-pilot with his idol, stuntman Billy Stumps, at a monster truck jump stunt. Kick and Gunther search for new best friends when they fear their friendship is ending, this is because their families have argued over Kick's stunts. The only barrier that is in his way is his older brother Brad, who wants to keep him inside the house so he could take another driver's test. The series premiered on February 13, 2010. Attic-a: Kick, Brad and Harold get stuck in a cold freezing attic together with no way out, or is there? When Gunther discovers he has a lot in common with Wacky Jackie, he's bitten by the "love bug," but Jackie doesn't even know he exists. The adventures of a suburban kid who aspires to become the world's greatest daredevil. Gym Dandy: When dodgeball is banned in gym class and is replaced by the fusion of knitting and Yoga (Knit-oga), Kick tries out for the school's sports teams. Kick keeps trying to show everyone that he can beat Dead Man's Drop ramp. You've Been Brad'd! : Kick is trying to get to Skidzees without touching the floor, but he fails multiple times and soon discovers he is a main target for his brother's Internet show "'You've Been Brad'd"'. The following is a list of episodes from the Disney XD Original Series, Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil. When given his chance, the resulting disaster deals Kick another chance, by being the best "shrimp" ever. TV Guide ranks Peak TV's finest offerings, Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Tired of being called "Shrimp", Kick declares that he will do something big.

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