lifes or lives

It is just a common misspelling of the word lives. You would use the word "lifes" if you were saying something like "my lifes goal is to finish college." (incorrect spelling – use, Some people believe each person has only one life to live.

My life’s goal is to start my own business. After finals week was over, the coeds were living it up. Ask yourself whether you need either a verb or a noun. Should I use lifes or lives? (Possessive). Given that lives is plural, how should it be written when it appears with the plural our? She grows all of her own food and even makes her own clothes from her livestock. “He has insulted the mayor and publicly degraded the police commissioner.” –, A Utah mother of three — killed, allegedly by her husband, aboard a cruise ship off Alaska — was “the light of our lives,” her grieving family said. Only use lives.

(Noun), Her life membership in the club ensured her consistent attendance. The children were not sure what to do with their lifes.

life, live or lives - Confusing words in English - Online Exercise

What does lifes mean? The singular possessive shows ownership. Our goal is that we can build that bridge,” she said. Their lives were spared. Lives, pronounced \lĭvz\, is the third person singular verb of live \lĭv\.

These heteronyms are easily confused. (Noun), My life is enriched by the deep and abiding friendships that had been cultivated over a lifetime. He really lives on the edge.

Examples of Life or Lives Insured in a sentence In Québec, the contract will take effect only if:1) the initial premium has been paid; and2) the insurability of the Life or Lives Insured has not changed between the completion of the application for the contract and the date the application is approved without modification by the Company. How to use life in a sentence. enhancedwriting/ August 31, 2017/ Uncategorized. It relates to existing, and not being dead. What does lives expression mean?

Furthermore, the word life functions as an adjective, meaning lifelong or relating to insurance. (incorrect spelling – use lives instead); Lives can act as either … (Present Tense Verb), After upgrading, the family lives in a larger, two-story home. In the case of the noun life, however, its plural form changes a bit more than your typical English noun. There are also some common expressions and idioms with lives or live: There are many more expressions that use live or life without an s. However, the expressions above are among the more common ones that use the plural noun or third-person singular conjugation. I disagree. Live up to: To fulfill an expectation or meet a standard anticipated by someone else. (incorrect spelling). In this post, I want to compare lifes vs. lives. Because these two words, live and life share a heteronym of lives, you need to keep the meaning and the pronunciation clear in your mind. (Past Tense Verb), The quarantined community lives their days sequestered from each other. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Is lives or lifes correct?

I will use example sentences throughout the demonstrate how to use each word, and I will give you a few tips to remember the differences between the two at the end. He’s gay but can’t tell anyone because it is illegal in his country. These heteronyms are easily confused. to live off the land: to get one’s needs from the land directly rather than through buying them. Deep-Seated or Deep-Seeded: What’s the Difference? Is it lives or lifes? Here’s an easy trick to remember lives vs. lifes.

The good life: To have an existence that reflects the best that life has to offer with few concerns or worries. Even though there aren’t any common phrases for the word lives, there are several phrases that use the word live or life, including: Live it up: To experience the moment fully engaged and reveling in it. The senior financial analyst at financial-technology firm Fiserv Inc. normally drives to work with his wife, a health-care worker. When to use lifes: Never use the word lifes. The Best of Our Lives Column. With that in mind, we are continuing to implement further safety precautions regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

She lives off the land and hardly ever buys anything. This confusion isn’t entirely unfounded, however. (noun form), Dozens of lifes were lost in the school shooting. –, Andrew Busch, 33 years old, who lives outside Milwaukee, said gasoline in his area has fallen from about $2.60 a gallon toward the end of last year to below $2 currently. Remember the plural for life is lives \līvz\, pronounced with a long i sound. –, “Since the hours after Deborah Danner’s killing Ed Mullins has been proclaiming Sgt. Lifes is a common incorrect way to spell lives.Those who use it intended to use the plural of life and forgot to change the f to a v when adding an s.. –. Some people believe that cats have nine lifes. Lives as a verb: Lives (pronounced livz) is also the third person singular of the verb to live, defined as to be alive; exist. In Québec, the contract will take effect only if:1) the initial premium has been paid; and2) the insurability of the Life or Lives Insured has not changed between the completion of the application for the contract and the date the application is approved without modification by the Company.

As a noun, life has many denotations: the distinguishing quality that reflects a vital, functional being; the physical and mental experiences that reflect the existence of an individual; the period from birth to death; a manner of living; duration of something; one providing interest or vigor; or something assigned animation. Lying on the sofa, eating at will, and using the dog door carte blanche meant the family pet had a dog’s life indeed.

Here is a concise summation of the difference. The natural disaster claimed the lives of 300 people.

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It means to be alive; or to subsist; or to inhabit a home; or realize eternal life; or endure in human memory; or to have a rich life experience; or to cohabitate. Constructing the pod cost $1,300. For example. Lifes and lives seem like they could be two alternate spellings of the same word. Also, in some casual conversation, people might use life’s as a contraction. Home » Lifes or Lives: What’s the Difference? (Adjective), He purchased a life insurance policy to cover expenses. This latter use of life’s won’t be used in any kind of written work, but it’s not uncommon to hear it spoken. Dogs for Better Lives (DBL) is committed to the health and well-being of our staff, clients, volunteers, and visiting public. And from there, your verb should change in your sentence from singular to plural to match the subject.

(Adjective), “It seems like it’s targeted at the older generation,” said the District resident, who lives with her 9-year-old granddaughter, whose father died a few years ago, and her 14-year-old grandson, whom Gentry has raised since infancy. This study examines the lives of the rich and famous. (correct spelling), I don’t care about the _______ of other people. lives phrase. –, Returning to the Senate after surgery and a brain cancer diagnosis, he delivered a stirring speech on Tuesday calling on lawmakers from both parties to reach “agreements made in good faith that help improve lives and protect the American people.” –, People think fish can’t feel pain, but they actually can. Lifes should never appear without an apostrophe in it. Throughout our married life, we have faced problems.

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