ocean's 11 poker scene explained

However, real locations in movies rarely match the reality. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. S.M.A.R.T. Poor Julia Roberts.

In the hit remake of the classic film — released exactly 15 years ago — we see Terry and Tess (Andy Garcia and Julia Roberts) watching over the demolition of a Vegas hotel, while Danny and Linus (George Clooney and Matt Damon) look on. Ruben claims that no one had ever before pulled off a successful Las Vegas casino heist, but casino robberies, while relatively uncommon and very dangerous due to the presence of armed guards, happen several times a year and have since the early days of Vegas gambling. When Yen back-flips onto the cabinet in the vault he over-leaps and his body goes over the edge. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. The Wilson brothers were lined up to play bickering brothers Virgil and Turk, but dropped out at the last minute to do The Royal Tenenbaums instead. Sure the could use C4, but you’d ruin the money as well. When Livingston Dell is getting the signals of the security system in the casino, he exits the area with his shirt all stained with sweat. How to give your characters enough dialogue? Answer: The implication, from the context of the full conversation, is that these are all names for specific types of cons. It only takes a minute to sign up. There are a few reasons why they would want to show Terry a video of being robbed, instead of showing him the live feed (or essentially feeding him a video of an empty vault): They had to have a way of getting out of the vault in a plausible way. Rusty asks Danny, "How was the clink? The goof items below may give away important plot points. The scene cuts to another camera angle, which shows Rusty eating shrimp cocktail off of a plate.

It meant a brief scramble, with the CG backdrop of the demolished buildings being changed just before its release, with a new fake hotel called ‘The Xanadu’.

"Sorry, Danny!" The U.S. Treasury has the weight of $1,000,000 at 22 pounds. | This is a string bet and not allowed in normal poker rooms. As he pushes the door closed the light inside the van goes out before the door slams shut. When the guard approaches the van, the hubcaps on the left side are intact, but in the wide shot the left rear hubcap is missing. Julia Roberts was constantly pranked by the rest of the cast. As the deal is agreed the salesman rubs his right hand with his left but in the next shot Frank still has hold of the salesman's right hand. Why was Merlin's action with the land mine needed?

Pitt later revealed why, explaining that the whole gang would rarely have time to eat because they were too busy, so he’d be eating fast food on the run.
Turns out, it all boiled down a disagreement. officers), believing that the burglars were apprehended since the S.W.A.T team sealed off the only exit. How hard is it to fly through the tail of a comet? She pulls out the cell phone, and pulls the antenna up, but in the flashback when Danny puts the phone in her pocket, the antenna is already pulled out. First, he is with Saul when the briefcase is being taken to the vault, while at the same time he is meeting Benedict and Linus as they are escorting Frank out of the casino.

As the film turns fifteen this week, we look back at the behind-the-scenes secrets you might have missed. Why couldn't Ocean's team show Benedict the live feed? The fact that they managed to get in is one thing - but they also needed to walk out with a LOT of money. That's an.. interesting interpretation. These would require electronic inverter circuitry to convert the batteries' direct current into alternating current to generate the magnetic field. Chain attached to briefcase is longer when in the vault then when it is transferred to Saul. In the first of the movie when Ocean is playing poker in the instruction room, the second bettor "sees your 500 and also raises you 500".

Multiply that by 163 and the total weight from the heist would be 3586 pounds. Divide that by all eleven con men, and each one would have to carry 326 pounds out of the casino.
Turk races Virgil's R/C truck on a cloudy day. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. He then shakes Frank Catton's hand and they again show him having two pens. The Bellagio and MGM Grand are about one mile apart. The shot before Linus pickpockets the stock broker, he is holding the pen with the tip in his mouth. Is it possible to get molten metal to effectively bond to skin?

Soundtracks, When Virgil and Turk bump into each other in the casino and start "arguing", their mouths don't move.

At least that's what they made Benedict believe.

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