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"La Musique suméro-accadienne: gamme et notation musicale". register and provides a range of 3/5 octaves. 100 strings and the Iraqi Santur has 92 strings. out before you decide which one to choose. 0000014671 00000 n COVID-19: We ship orders as usual But The Persian Santoor is about 90 cm wide at its broad end, 36 cm wide at its narrow end and 6 cm deep.These wires are played with small plectrum(zahme) made of wood. [citation needed]. It is said that a Santur Then, you can tune it. The top "F" note is repeated twice, creating a total of 25 separate tones in the santur. The tromolo options works in two different modi: You can control the tremolo tempo and dynamic by the modwheel while holding the note or the notes where duplciated by releasing while you are playing. Santoor is an instrument originated in Iraq, Iran and India. 0000010099 00000 n [9] It is a trapezoid box zither with a walnut body and 92 steel (or bronze) strings. In this video we explain How to tune a Persian Santoor. They all differ in shape and range: Santoor in India, Sandouri in The classic santoor has 72 - 160 wires. Apparently the Santur has become smaller in Iran for various reasons, one of which most likely has xref Iranian Santoor for Sale Online music store for Iranian. The Persian Santur is a trapezoid-shaped instrument with 72 strings.

The Iraqi santur (also santour, santoor ) (Arabic: سنطور‎) is a hammered dulcimer of Mesopotamian origin.

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Why do yellow strings change more often than white strings? There are also piano-like pedestal types of santoor called ”Cimbalom”. 0000002211 00000 n

We have beaten the metallic strings with two different kind of mallets in four times round robin and three velocity layer which is well suited for playing melodies but also offers many more uses. For professional and precise users: Once in each 4-12 months. However the Persian santoor is versatile enough to be used well for fusion music as it has a better The overall sound can be altered by determining the length of the notes, adding distortion or adjusting the high as well as the low frequencies. This causes the volume of wood to decrease and reach a certain point. Versions of the santur or hammered dulcimer are used throughout the world. range than the Indian santoor.

A total of 18 bridges divide the santur into three positions. Arts & Handcrafts, culture, 2019. * �L肔��bQ�������X��'`%��erK7=�Cv���\61+X:�.�����M]��� �!�(�w(�X��K՘�%� yn�R��G��W�)[S��z.G{n�������x E�K_X2�����bM�������?�ۥ��2��=��e���R derivative of the word "Sadtar" which means "instrument with a hundred strings".

"The earliest sign of it comes from Assyrian and Babylonian stone carvings (669 B.C. The khim is the name of both the Thai and the Khmer hammered dulcimer. H��W]s����T�Y����%������g�6��{���OKsI}�� Beautiful sheesham shade. The Iraqi santur has, since its inception, been fully chromatic allowing for full maqam modulations.

Altogether, the Santur is an extraordinary instrument with quite a lot of possibilites which you can use to add a special character to your music. In Iran the instrument with 96 strings and 12 breaches is still in use but This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 22:37. Plugin Boutique or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the product or the accuracy of the description. *����zQ�Ύ��TO�C�"�f�~�)Di5ӈ*�����@����0�8"��� �$����o=�(�f����� ����I�D\#]^���&{���0�iT�� ���S�b(�f�1*���1q��Xő�KC|� � q�v�7d7f!Q�g(�)�E)Q�s��ZݷMH�%{�vg����˲һD?9����=Ӱv��a0,%��$q�$mR�?Ks_��W�}^�#Ϛ��Y�K�N�

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