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They played a part as the inspiration for that song.”. Last time Poppy and Gigwise spoke Bowie's influence was mentioned.

". Does being somewhere as mesmerizing as Joshua Tree help with thinking about these things? Scary Mask, a Single by Poppy. The Genius of The Sky prepares for battle against Candice LeRae with a hard-hitting entrance performed by Poppy. I have never done anything like that before and was honored to be part of such a unique experience.”, Poppy on if she was nervous: “I was only excited. album, it's some time ago and definitely the earliest track on the new EP. I would consider those acts to be alternative.

A fantastic minor chord piano-led track with a soaring melody to bring the intensity down, just a notch. If she'd drop the rAnDoM ironic metal appreciation shtick and just released metal songs without the sunshine pop, this song has convinced me they'd slap.

There wasn’t exactly something that classifies me as pop other than me saying, 'this is pop music'. And with the more "pop" times, there's a wry dig at the pop world in the material. It was just sand. Here’s the EP as interpreted by Gigwise through conversation with Poppy. The Moog of course, we use that, and Roland is very nice to us as well and we use their System 8 synthesiser.

I was going off of instinct for the first two albums, telling my story of pop the way I wanted it to be told. “Yeah. Released 29 May 2019. “I think what I mean is you must read the signs and be open to exploring the possibilities that you’re not the only species on earth. All rights reserved.Click here for our privacy policy. And I think artists should push the envelope more.
Use the boards for extended discussion. "Yeah, in a way.

To rate, slide your finger across the stars from left to right. Ever the multi-dimensional thinker, Poppy lays a sense of optimism and esoteric thinking into it that makes it an interesting, layered piece: “It’s along the lines of explaining that life can be suffocating, but tuning into higher frequencies can help to come to an understanding of that suffocation. And considering 'X' is on the Am I A Girl? The place we were recording at, you had to drive on an unpaved road. "I would say that pop music is a very interesting thing to analyse and I think the current terms of something that classifies something as pop and what classifies something as alternative.

What would they do to us?".

As a great synth-led track it's a complete turnaround from the cleaner, Diplo-featuring sounds she became best known. I’m so glad they are.". I am vegan. Presumably this means a change in studio gear? "Yeah. We’ve added a few instruments. But I always felt with pop music if there’s a room for the outsiders then I would be sitting in the hallway outside of that room. For instance, Poppy speak-sings, “There’s blood on my neckless / and blood on my clothes,” conjuring the scene in the ‘X’ video where Poppy is covered in blood. ‘Voicemail’ was chosen to be the bridge from ‘X’ because “we saw that visual [the black and white music video] so strongly that I think it needed to tell the story next.”. I think there are higher powers and aliens and I do think they are walking among us. So musically, it’s nothing like ‘X’, it’s a huge left turn and true to Poppy's fundamentals of wanting to experiment and push boundaries. I enjoy listening to it in the car, at the gym or on the plane whenever I can.”, Poppy on how she’s a big fan of wrestling: “I have been a fan of pro wrestling ever since I was a small Poppy. But there’s nothing that is off limits. I think we’ve created a very beautiful work of art borne out of the frustration born out of the frustration of that realm and I'm really proud of it.”. Her music is very similar to music in Japan, and I love it. It’s a vision of what the future might look like.

It’s a high-end sonic achievement and a bridge between the Beach Boys meets nu metal glory of her genre splicing standalone single 'X' and her forthcoming album, which Poppy tells Gigwise will be heavy. Poppy is rightfully proud, without a hint of tiredness and typically full of thoughtful, deep answers. The EP was originally supposed to be called Meat and I have artwork for it as well, but we decided to call it Choke. I love the intensity of it and the theatrics. – Revolver Magazine recently interviewed NXT Superstar Io Shirai and musician Poppy, who recently appeared on NXT TV and played Shirai’s entrance song, “Scary Mask,” for her entrance. The singer’s bludgeoning of the commodification of the alternative is a strong sign of someone who’s inspired by her direction and will continue to grow and challenge norms. We first met at WWE in person, but we chatted on Twitter.”, Io Shirai on how she became a fan of Poppy: “I already had Poppy’s album and was a fan of her before the performance. I think that is a true alternative. Before I go onstage, the band and I will scream at each other really loudly.”, Poppy on how the collaboration started: “I heard that Io and NXT wanted to use my song and I was thrilled. "Meat' isn't about my consumption, though, it's about the world’s consumption and how dangerous the path the world as a whole is on, not respecting the earth and not asking enough questions. I think a recent song that has come out that is really fascinating to me is 'Old Town Road' because it does blend country and hip-hop but there was also a sample from the Nine Inch Nails song in there as well which I think was Trent Reznor’s first number pne song, which is also very fascinating. We ask: is that liberating and a great thing about making music in 2019? Poppy. Who would have thought? Ranking Singles I've Listened To From May 2019: Be respectful!

All the community rules apply here. "'Scary Mask’ - that’s my new favourite song that’s been released so far." My fans give me great inspiration and I do pay attention to what they say – when necessary.

"'Scary Mask’ - that’s my new favourite song that’s been released so far." I was familiar with Io because I watch WWE and was drawn to her. Speaking on the phone with Poppy, the artist – a title she actively identifies with over the more binary 'she' – answers at 9am Californian time and on the cusp of the EP's release. Poppy continues her trend of writing gimmicky, hollow music. In the U.S., it is both sports and entertainment so there are more characters and emotion involved when performing.”, Shirai on what the “Scary Mask” song means to her: “I like to think there is a “good Io” and an “evil Io.” “Scary Mask” is when evil Io comes out.”. “Yeah. “I feel that with pop music I never fit into that space as well. I think it’s interesting because the techniques used have never been used in that way. You’d get Nine Inch Nails, Cage The Elephant. The novelty of this entire entire sunshine pop x nu metal thing already feels tired to me. There’s some sort of higher energy there.

And when you’re left to be inside of your head because there is nothing around, you start to think about that. The car could have got stuck a couple of times and you’re really in the middle of nowhere. Indeed, it's the visual and lyrical tie in as opposed to the sonic tie in that make it a great segue. By today’s definition of alternative there is no real clarity. Votes are used to help determine the most interesting content on RYM. Their ability to stand firm in their statement and beliefs and come up to bat for it. It’s about consumption.". Don't comment just to troll/provoke. Offering to explain the track in some detail, Poppy says; "It was done with Titanic and a good friend of mine called Simon. It’s a genuinely alternative, thought-provoking work of art, replete with fuzzed-up Moog and Roland synths, head-banging drum machine beats, nu metal, and mysterious spoken word. 'Holy Mountain' is Poppy's great bookend-er. Does Poppy subscribe to this idea that the human race is on a finite path? Io Shirai and Poppy recently discussed the Scary Mask entrance song, getting to perform the song live in NXT, and a whole lot more. "Yes. Copyright © 2020 411mania.com, LLC. The singer finally dropped the collab on Twitter today, featuring a chilling album cover of Poppy wearing a “Scary Mask.” “Scary Mask ft. @fever333out now!” the tweet reads. The entirely unexpected duo just released “Scary Mask,” a song so confusing we’re not even sure how to explain it to you. It’s very freeing. If we could be a bit more mindful then maybe we can have the earth for a little bit longer.". Released at the beginning of 2019, shortly after the release of Poppy’s first foray into nu metal - ‘X’ - the artist says this vocal-heavy synth and drum machine number was originally slated to be a standalone single before they naturally made enough music to do an EP. What is it with metal heads and gate keeping what fun (or good) metal is, eclectic, female vocals, chaotic, anxious, energetic, aggressive, heavy, dark. “It’s a message to people who have been ignoring signals and hopefully it inspires people to pay attention to the higher consciousness. Keep your comments focused on the release. “Yes.

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