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Jim has been with Richmond’s since 1977 and Rick since 1978. ‘We always try something new; this year it was Allison automatic gearboxes in the Van Hools.’ He also pointed out that, since 2009, all coaches have been specified with separate small fuel tanks to run the Webasto on, ‘because heating oil is cheap and diesel is expensive.’.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and efficient service. Andrew is Vice Chairman and claims, ‘I learn a lot through it, with like minded individuals speaking openly and frankly about their own businesses and problems and the solutions they come up with.’ They also use it for training engineers, management and the driver CPC. The coach itself was comfortable and clean. If he brings it forward to 2019 or even 2018, it may prove difficult unless there is a suitable Euro6 retrofit upgrade option available. For individuals or groups wishing to experience the latest regional theatre or London theatre and West End shows or discover a wide range of UK coach holidays and coach day trips: visit historic houses and gardens or take a coach trip to a craft, hobby or flower show. On behalf of the Exel Retired Staff Association, Northen Ireland Branch I would like to express the Committee's thanks for the excellent service our group received from your company on our recent trip to Donegal. And, though they were almost certainly scrapped decades ago, if you happen to know what happened to any of the three Bedford OBs that the company bought new, registered TMV948, GUR985 and SML958, Andrew would very much like to hear from you. We had a great day on Saturday and the service we received from Richmond Coaches was terrific.We look forward to working with you in the future. Andrew told me something about the company, what it does and how it operates, as well as passing on some of his thoughts about the industry when I met him at Barley recently. Our game plan is to be compliant by 2020.

‘We’re just honest people trying to do the job right; being right with our customers and right with our staff.’, Your email address will not be published.

Everyone wants to go there. Ideally placed near to Stansted to It makes it very difficult to plan when traditionally we would buy new and look to run them for eight to ten years.

It used to be a way of getting the information first but now you can get it in a multitude of ways.’, As well as CPT the company is an enthusiastic member of the Guild of Coach Operators having been members since 1986. Making a good impression is important, and we here at Richmond Coaches understand and value that. However, the driver, 'Stevie' as the pupils called him, was outstanding. These have a variety of stores and offices off to one side in what had originally been a stable block. Somehow it needs to be rammed home that if local bus services are allowed into a zone, the private hire or contract coach should be allowed too because it is bringing the same benefits to the community, only in a more bespoke manner than an individual buying a ticket on a bus. At Richmond’s they are used a lot on the excursion programme rather than allocating a second coach.

In addition, Coach and Bus Operators know that they can trust us with their vehicle sales, their latest product reviews, updates in legislation and general news and information about the bus and coach passenger transport system. Designed By JoomShaper. Among today’s staff of around 60 there are multiple members of many other families including: father and son, Pat and Jack in the workshops: father and son, Rick and Craig in the management team; mother in law and daughter in law, Audrey and Lisa in the office; father and son drivers, Jim and Alan; and father and son, driver and mechanic, David and Scott, in addition to which there have been many other father, brother, son and cousin combinations in the past. He believes the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) (formerly CRB) clearance should be part a person’s permission to drive a PCV, saying, ‘I don’t see why anyone who isn’t of good character should be allowed to drive a PCV. For example trying to drop off and pick up, nobody gives any thought to how a coach is going to get in to pick up. Established in 1946, Richmond’s are an independent family business with an enviable reputation for quality and high standards of customer service. ‘Ours offer good legroom and never fail to impress,’ said Andrew. It is Andrew’s philosophy that managers manage, the maintenance team maintains, drivers drive and cleaners clean, and to this end a full time team of five cleaners is employed working a four days on, two days off roster system so that there is always a cleaner on the premises from 05.00 to 22.00 daily. All of our drivers are uniformed and ready to make your journey both a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Both day excursion and British and Continental tour programmes are operated in their own name. I asked Andrew what he thought was the secret to making them pay? There were lots of other things I could have done instead but I don’t regret coming into the business. First thank You very much for Your services, everything was well prepared and our customers enjoied this visit. A lot of people have a negative viewpoint and while it definitely hasn’t got any easier it is difficult to quantify whether it has actually got harder or just presents different challenges.

Ideally located to service Dublin, Belfast and the city of Londonderry airports. Operating double deckers is quite specialist, not to mention capital intensive. The bus driving team is predominantly a separate one, many of whom work a four day week to create flexibility, but there are drivers who like to do both bus and coach work. Professional, friendly drivers. In a small business you can become blinkered. You do need to get the money for them when they go out.’. Our managers can monitor the coach locations in real time.

Justin Leppitsch. I think it will become a bigger challenge.’, Andrew continued, ‘Traditionally we do a lot of work in London. Our Service: we take care of everything combining expertise with traditional courtesy.

If you have a tour you would like to organise, coach holidays you would love to be involved in, or just need an executive class coach to transport delegates between the airports and conferences, Richmond Coaches are ready to take you there. 2012 was disappointing because of the Olympics but from 2013 to 2015 there was an “Olympic bounce factor” but I do think there has been a general decline in tourism this year. The winged emblem harks back to HVR’s RAF days with his initials added in the centre. ‘We have a very good team around us, not only of drivers but also in the workshops and the office.

Once many thanks to all of you. I wouldn't hesitate to use Richmond Coaches again in the future and would highly recommend to anyone else.Big Thanks from all the Galway Girls!

While you may already achieve the standard, the audit makes you focus on providing the evidence.’. The journey was a pleasure.Also a special thank you to our driver, Dave who was absolutely fantastic and really entered into the spirit of the occasion. It seats 53. We have a lot of regular incoming groups that have postponed for a year and we believe a lot of the demand has evaporated on the back of the perceived terrorist threat to Europe.

A contributory factor in the retention of staff may be the fact that drivers are generally trained by the company. © 2015 Richmond Coaches. On the bus side, all six vehicles are Optare Solos of various types.

Richmond’s like Van Hools because they believe they are: ‘strong, durable, everything works, everything is repairable and there is good parts provision.

They’re also the coach to sell when you’ve finished with them.’, ‘With standardisation, we’ve sent people for training which makes them easier to fix because we’re familiar with them. They know what they are getting and the value of that shouldn’t be overlooked.’, There is a considerable degree of standardisation across the fleet, not only in the number of Van Hools but in terms of seating capacity. When I asked whether trailers were ever used for additional luggage capacity, David replied by asking whether I had ever tried moving a loaded four wheel trailer?

He joined in with is with when we were at the open farm and throughout the whole day he was particularly helpful. For Businesses seeking a premium, corporate hospitality transport service, conference support with multiple movements or greener, efficient commuting solutions, For schools or universities looking for competitive quotes for European touring coaches, one-off day trips, short excursions or daily transport. What saw excursions reintroduced was the acquisition of the fleet of Smiths of Buntingford in February 1994 which had its own programme and this was followed in 2003 by the reintroduction of tours, around 30 of which will operate this year. As an industry we do a very good job for the consumer. PLEASE NOTE: Please do not use this form to get a quote. Returning from the Spalding Flower Parade in 2009 when it was two years old, this Volvo B12B Van Hool Alizee is the oldest of only three Volvos now operated in a coach fleet that was once predominantly Volvo. They come in for routine maintenance and go back out again,’ said Andrew, adding, ‘We have them built to order and nothing is too much trouble. This year’s three coach acquisitions are all three-axle Van Hool TX integrals purchased through Arriva. From 1982 Volvos with Plaxton and later Van Hool coachwork took over, accompanied by Mercedes-Benz and Toyota minis. If you fail a DBS your licence should be automatically revoked.’ David added that having to undertake separate checks for different areas was wrong. Based on his experience in the industry, Andrew believes there are a number of areas the Government could usefully look at to improve things for the industry and its employees.

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