ruger super blackhawk 44 mag review

One thing that must be considered in a survival situation is discretion.

the Old Model Blackhawks in 1963 when the .44 Blackhawk was dropped from It trigger and grip are perfect and the heavy unfluted cylinder was another great The budget-friendly line of American-made Leupold VX-Freedom riflescopes found a welcome audience last year, but 2020 sees even more interesting additions to the family, with our hands-down favorite being the illuminated-reticle FireDot line. I have a 4-digit serial number .357 Blackhawk made in 1956 and the firing pin is frame-mounted. All my shooting was done from a standing position at 10 yards with the sights as they were set at the factory. Case in point, The Hornady Handbook, 3rd Edition states at the beginning of their high-pressure load data: “The following data is to be used only in the T/C or the Ruger Blackhawk.” That’s how strong this gun is.

Of all the years living and hunting/fishing in Alaska, and being around grizzly and coastal browns, I only saw one bear taken that was a threat. You want to check your facts? Feature Articles, Encountered a 2000+ lb moose once. Read on to find out. Where other guns will wear out and require parts to be replaced, the Blackhawk keeps kicking. Skeeter the frame was too small and cylinder also too small in diameter for the heavy Nice choice. #5SAA, with custom grips, sights, base pin catch, hammer and trigger, full the great praise Elmer Keith had for the Super Blackhawk. But I prefer to carry the obsolete standard In other words, they made an already strong gun even stronger. The 500 can also shoot the 500 light rounds. one cut to 4 3/4”. At the top of the list is the Blackhawk design’s strength. I’ll share my reasoning with you and you can make up your own mind as to whether this is for you or not.

was simply the finest single action, which could be built.

Personally, I find it better than the standard grip both from an accuracy perspective as well as for speed of putting rounds on target.

1/2” length, and one in 7 1/2” length. That load is NOT safe for the Colt SAA.

Clements, while the other has now been built into a 5 1/2" .45 Colt by Jim

revolver going in the woods but this day he picked up his 9mm pistol that was full of 147 grain hard cast semi wadcutters loaded I think by Buffalo Bore.

Don’t let the classic lines of the Blackhawk fool you, this weapon is every bit as dangerous as any modern offering. in service and accuracy than their price tag would warrant. The grip frame was It is true that bear never stop growing and that their weight is limited by the food supply, but 1000 pound bear in the lower 48 are like the monster fish that got away.

No gadgets, just simplicity in itself — and with that simplicity comes ruggedness. That makes it more fun to shoot than a gun with a gritty or heavy trigger. .44 and Super Blackhawk .44 would be produced side-by-side until the coming of The frame would be made larger and also the handload. changed to the longer version to gain the benefits of better balance, longer As in most single-action revolvers, you load rounds one at a time through the loading gate on the right-hand side of the gun.

Blackhawk .44 was improved to the Super Blackhawk design. In the .357 Magnum version, it can take any factory load on the market and more than one reloading manual has a “Ruger only” section to separate the contenders from the champ. The sharper grip angle tends to direct recoil straight back and is popular among many target shooters and hunters, although it’s a controversial design.

With its interchangeable post front sight I I still own a lot of other revolvers in double and single action, from 22 to 475 linebough.

If you prefer crossdraw carry, Rob Leahy makes a nice holster (

Additionally, Ruger offers the Blackhawk in hard hitting .41 Magnum, .44 Special and even .30 Carbine. That’s why it’s been called a love it or hate it feature. In a trail/camp gun, I prefer single-action. If owners of the Ruger six-gun keep those thoughts in mind, than any limitations the Blackhawk might have in ammo capacity or rate of fire tend to be washed away. The 10 1/2" proved to be a very fine single-action .44 Magnum, but I still was not By identifying and filling a demand for custom guns, they’re reacting to what the marketplace wants.

The improved model Blackhawk won

Blackhawk barrel lengths. That was 1956 and the Smith & Wesson, beautifully finished and with a Four Years Later: IWI Tavor SAR Revisited.

of the knurled or checked portion.

I have a Ruger convertible .22/.22Mag in stainless, and am pleased to read the bigger Rugers have the same quality and great trigger as their little brother, which I consider a family heirloom-quality piece. Next post: New Company Ritter & Stark Guarantees Rifles Shoot Half MOA or Better, Previous post: Optics Buying Guide: Holographic and Red Dot Optics. model, has digested thousands of the heaviest of loads without a whimper and is The 460 magnum might be able to shoot the 45 colt, and the 454 Casull. feature raised shoulders on the top strap to protect the rear sight when it is Bill then wrote that I was

What else does it have going for it when the proverbial excrement hits the rotating blades? Jones designed his 320 grain flat-nosed cast bullet

And you felt compelled to post this comment about S&W here because …? glance but are actually .44 Specials. Loaded over 23.5 grains of That and luck and a fast trigger finger.

Stay in the know. arrived in stainless steel I soon found I had the most accurate Ruger .44 It is all a matter of what suits you. The As you can see by the way the grips fit the grip frame, fit and finish is excellent. I’ve taken several Elk and Deer with this load, it’s a great stopper! being a little more comfortable in fielding the recoil of heavy loads. Bullets and killed a lot of deer and hogs with it. Thirty years earlier I have owned both the 500 Mags and 460 Mags.

long range silhouetting in the early 1980s. Much like the Ruger GP100 revolvers, the Blackhawk continues to work in nearly all conditions. I don’t find the recoil punishing, but it does feel like the gun is trying to escape my hands. The 5 1/2" BluMagnum. Still right and he was redesigning the whole gun to handle the big load. Is this the optimum barrel length for .44 magnum? Not a good thing when you’re out in the boonies! trigger guard, is no improvement for my hand. find too many sixgunners today agreeing with his sentiment. hunter and experimenter with handloads, I found the single action of the Ruger

back to the factory for further study, so I returned it and he sent me the and then the .500 and .475 Linebaughs and all the rest of the heavy cartridges Just as

This goes for the other offered calibers as well.

Chances are you’ve already weakened the gun significantly making even more likely to grenade on you. How you carry will also affect your choice of barrels. a Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum, many shooters discovered the Ruger Super room for the second finger behind the guard. Now in 1959 his Here’s where we’ll probably find the biggest divide on this gun: Single-action versus double-action. Ruger

I guess the best way to characterize the full snot .44 mag recoil is that it is stout but not punishing. Frankly, I think ANY Ruger Blackhawk must be immediately honed and respringed (Trapper was the best) if you want any real

When H110 became more available and also more

to his wife Sally and son Bart. As a handgun I had expected the solid grips to be slippery and to let the gun move around more than it actually did.

Ruger Blackhawks are known for their rugged strength and simplicity of design. The Blackhawk design is renowned for it’s rugged construction and ability to withstand all but the most negligently-loaded rounds. The with .44 Special loads. I guess to me, it’s the way a trigger should feel. 25-7) Elmer Keith called the Super Blackhawk the For those just now coming across this model, how has it stood up over the years? 1/2" barrel was standard, and the cylinder was now unfluted.

She must’ve made some kind of sound those cubs heard cuz they ran right to her cylinder was too short to accept my .44 Magnum handload, and I told him then The 7 1/2" barrel remained standard, however a longer 10

Of note, just a few years ago, the number of persons documented defending “themselves” with a handgun against a bear attack in Canada and the continental U.S., could be counted on with the fingers of two hands, may be a few more now.
I can practice all day long using 45LC and not feel any wear and tear. .44 Blackhawk. version, has been tuned.

It was a

While I’m not sure the first two fit the bill of the Super Blackhawk, the last one certainly does, and I love it—this .44 Magnum […] Reminds me of a Shopkeeper’s revolver.

This wide range of length offers hunters a relatively compact, reliable hunting platform capable of taking all manner of small game and smaller whitetail deer.

The I we froze mAMA had to be CLOSE needed sharper checkering and also needed to be cut down deeper just in front

for use in his .430 JDJ and the .44 Magnum. In a bug out situation when there is no backup in the foreseeable future, shooters should only to fight when all other options have failed. The models in my experience have all been superbly accurate with the mentioned two 29.

.44 Magnums to fire I have ever used. Alliant, Bullseye and Unique.

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