susan's plan full movie online

FAUCI IS A LIAR. It is also a search engine that supposedly doesn’t store your data. germ and conventional viral theory are a total lie. We wouldn’t be able to continue our work. Why don’t you cite the entire conclusion? Thank you Dr. Mikovits. i cannot explain what you will see in good enough words but will tell you its worth it 100%.

Dr. Mikovits’ extraordinary bravery in sharing her information should be an example for all of us. Humanity loves you both. Gates and Fauci are members of the elite pedophile power cult along with Mr. Epstein that want to get rid of most of us. I switched to duckduckgo, but if it is compromised, is there other search engines we can use? FYI don’t play poker with me.

no one in all of human history has ever died from a virus. That’s strange, it was the 3rd page that shoed up when I googled it. Wolff, G. G. 2020.

This video and lady still support the germ theory. viruses protect life by breaking down toxins and wastes so that the body can purge them.

It’s very much real. Honestly, it cheapens the whole thing and makes me want to question the seriousness of the documentary. Mikki, keep up the excellent work. he may have died with a virus, but that is matter entirely different altogether. Susan (Nastassja Kinski) wants her reprehensible ex-husband (Adrian Paul) dead and, in several bungled attempts by henchmen, tries to accomplish the deed. Thank you for posting this. The planned pandemic is the deliberate act of Satan and his disciples.

It really doesn’t prove anything, Just because someone who’s reputation would suffer if they confirmed it was cause, so they deny it was cause. The covid “crisis will end Nov 4, 2020. You seem like a very good scientist. First her boy friend (Billy Zane) hires two dim-witted hitmen (Michael Biehn, Rob Schneider). Please let me know if that sounds good. We don't have any reviews for Susan's Plan.

How can I help, how can I be involved? Wolff, G. G. 2020.

Online censorship is insane now. i thought the same thing, he is so full of shit. It was once the only search engine I could rely on to not be altered corrupted by an algorithym like Google searches are.

I feel like we should have the right to SPEAK. Thankyou for enabling us to know the truth and for your courage.My gratitude to you all . I could not download it because the google recapta would not allow it. Think about that for awhile! That in itself is worth $100 donation! Hoping on a two fold outcome.

I believe everything Dr. Mikovits has said. She had everything to lose and nothing to gain by going public and participating in this film, speaking and writing about the discoveries she made in regards to animal cells being used in vaccines, and the viruses they unleash on the population of this planet. If you believe that this video should be removed or have a compelling reason for the suspension of the video, please click here. how come she’s wrote a book that has been produced and promoted by major firm and it made it through their vetting process, because i can tell you that they wouldn’t publish things that were untrue, if they did they would be sued. let’s see– collusion; preferential funding; silencing of speech and research; propagation of viral infections; withholding of medicines/treatments; power and control over people; depopulation agenda—- and we’re called crazy for believing this happens?!?!

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