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Always bid good morning to the neighbours. Put a shilling in the slot, came in here and the party was over. Now raise your glasses. Yes.

A fabulous
salary. [MCCANN goes to the door. Come on. Yes.
Meg Have you seen him down yet? We're
going to give him a party.
McCann Oh, is that a fact?
Meg Tonight.
Goldberg Tonight.
Meg I'll put on my party dress.
Goldberg And I'll get some bottles.
Meg And I'll invite Lulu this afternoon. (He stands. she sits.] Grunts from MCCANN and GOLDBERG on their knees. Where?
Meg (falteringly.) Your skin's crabby, you need a shave, your eyes are full of muck, your mouth us like a boghouse, the palms of your hands are full of sweat, your nose is clogged up, your feet stink, what are you but a corpse waiting to be washed? I've brought you a present. No.

LULU's voice: Ooh-ooh!
MEG edges past STANLEY and collects her shopping bag.
MEG goes out. Your room is taken. Stanley. Is he a man?
Meg A man?
Goldberg Or a woman?
Meg No.

MCCANN leans forward.
McCann Hey nat, just one thing...
Goldberg What now?
McCann This job - no, listen - this job, is it going to be like
anything we've ever done before?
Goldberg Tch, tch, tch.
McCann No, just tell me that. It is evening. I think he needs one.
Goldberg I agree with you. I'd like to know who was responsible for that.
(Bitterly.) Why not somewhere else?
Meg This house is on the list.
Stanley (coming down.) A door leading to the hall down left.
I can ask it from here just as well. he is unshaven, in his pyjama jacket and wears
Lulu [Turning] Oh!
McCann [Advancing.]
[Pause.] In a concert
party on the pier.
Goldberg Oh yes? MEG's voice comes through the kitchen hatch.

During the next five lines the whistling is continuous, one whistling while the other speaks, and both whistling together. One! My father gave it to me. ]
Goldberg Wait!
[He stretches his arms to the arms of the chair.

Simey!" Are you sure?
Petey What would Mr Goldberg want with a wheelbarrow?
Meg Mr Goldberg?
Petey It's his car.
Meg [relieved.] I'll take your glasses.
[MCCANN takes STANLEY's glasses. [Rising.] Come on , smile at the birdy. Can you do it?
Meg Oh, I've got that lovely room they can have.
Petey You've got a room ready?
Meg I've got the room with the armchair all ready for visitors.
Petey You're sure?
Meg Yes, that'll be all right then, if they come today.
Petey Good.
She takes the socks etc. ]
Goldberg Steady, McCann.
Stanley [circling.] GOLDBERG meets STANLEY, seats him in a chair. You're a capable man,
McCann That's a great compliment, Nat, coming from a
man in your position.
Goldberg Well, I've got a position, I won't deny it.
McCann You certainly have.
Goldberg I would never deny that I have a position.
McCann And what a position!
Goldberg It's not a thing I would deny.
McCann Yes, it's true, you've done a lot for me. just in time for his
Meg I wanted to have a party. Outside the window there is still a faint light.] (Whispers.) Help him find the torch.
Lulu I can't.
McCann It's gone.
Meg Why has the light gone out?
Goldberg Everyone quiet!
Meg You're just saying that.
Stanley (violently) Look, why don't you get this place
cleared up! It's childish, it's pointless. Dermot. I used to have my tea there.
McCann I don't know it.
Stanley And a Boots Library. That'll be all right. [MEG looks uncertain.]

MCCANN crosses to the table, left, sits, picks up the paper and begins to tear it into strips. McCann.

But sometimes you go out in the
morning and it's dark.
Petey. Haven't you seen him down?
Petey . ]
Stanley Who are the other guests?
McCann A young lady.
Stanley Oh yes? Oh, I didn't know it was his car.
Petey Of course it's his car.
Meg Oh, I feel better.
Petey What are you on about?
Meg Oh, I do feel better.
Petey You go and get a bit of air.
Meg Yes, I will. I'll be all right when I get back... but what I mean is, the way some people look at me you'd think I was a different person. He began writing the work after acting in a theatrical tour, during which, in Eastbourne, England, he had lived in ‘‘filthy insane digs.’’ What guests?
McCann Myself for one. Why are you getting on everybody's wick? as a matter of fact, every single one of my senses is at its peak. Cleaned up a
Meg. ]
And that's why I've reached my position, McCann. MEG, pleased, watches him. Satisfied?
McCann Sure. ]
I want your opinion.

(Pause.) ]
Meg Is that you, Stan? quick, before it gets cold!" Consulta nuestra Política de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para más información. Hissing.]

It's all taken care of. MCCANN slips to his side. ]
So Mrs Boles has gone out to get us something nice for lunch?
Petey That's right.
Goldberg Unfortunately we may be gone by then.
Petey Will you?
Goldberg By then we may be gone. Lady Mary Splatt.
McCann [Breaking in] You know that girl?
Goldberg What girl?
McCann That girl had nightmares in the night.
Goldberg Those weren’t nightmares
McCann No?
Goldberg [irritably] I said no.
McCann How do you know?
Goldberg I got up. (STANLEY sits, right at
the table.)

[MCCANN moves to STANLEY.] What are they called? It's not till next month.
McCann Not according to the lady.
Stanley Her? I'll stay there too, this time. I stood there till he did. (Whispers. Right!
Goldberg Agreed. They were here when I came in.
Stanley What do they want here?
Meg They want to stay.
Stanley How long for?
Meg They didn't say.
Stanley (turning.) The Birthday Party(1958) univercity. Eh?
Silence. Say
Stanley Please.
Meg Say sorry first.
Stanley Sorry first.
Meg No. I'm not going up there again.
Goldberg Why not?
McCann I'm not going up there again.
Goldberg What's going on now?
McCann [moving down.] Mostrar SlideShares relacionadas al final. MCCANN follows and closes the door. Straight down.
Meg I wish he could have played tonight.
Goldberg Why tonight?
Meg It's his birthday today.
Goldberg His birthday?
Meg Yes. Why not?
Goldberg You said so!
McCann I never said that!
Goldberg No?
McCann [from the floor, to the room at large.] Forgive, Benny, he said, and let live. Buck up now. (STANLEY withdraws from the table.) ]
Goldberg Right. [She goes towards the back door. A friend of mine was telling me about it only the other day. What a thing to celebrate-birth! Don't call me that! Then I started a little private business, in a small way, and it compelled me to come down here- kept me longer than I expected. You look an honest man.

The voices draw nearer. He then folds the paper, leaving the strips inside. And they played me to sleep. Have you played the piano in those
places before?
Stanley Played the piano? Everywhere you go these days it's like a
McCann That's true.
Goldberg True? Yes, it's me.
Meg. Like getting up in the morning. Do you know your own face?
McCann wake him up. He said he'd made him one. But why here? [STANLEY takes them.] Because I'm telling you, I'm telling you, follow my line? But the first, the
first grew up to be a fine boy.
McCann What’s he doing now?
Goldberg I often wonder that myself. [She looks through the hatch.] It needs sweeping. Give me a call when he comes down, will you, Mr Goldberg?
Goldberg [earnestly.] What a funeral. I don't remember it being broken though, in the party. There's some Sellotape somewhere. Don't you believe me!
She sits, takes out a compact and powders her nose.
Lulu (offering him the compact.)

This volume contains Harold Pinter's first six plays, including The Birthday Party.
Stanley Webber’s life at a rundown seaside boarding house is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of two mysterious and sinister strangers called Goldberg and McCann, who terrorise him and eventually take him away. Look.

Anyway this isn't my birthday.
McCann No?
Stanley No. Nothing's changed.

A pause. Si quieres darte de baja, cierra tu cuenta de SlideShare. MEG goes to the sideboard, collects a duster, and
vaguely dusts the room, watching him.

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