the dark knight ending

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Many things went through our minds while watching The Dark Knight. ( Log Out /  So, in the time-honored tradition of horror-movie heroines, Dahlia goes against her better judgment and moves in. There is more dark fiber here than there is lit fiber capacity for far more traffic is available than is even being provisioned, yet the telcos act like were just eating them out of house home. I'm an agent of chaos. We've dug into all the background info, underlying subtext, and small moments you might have missed to offer you an explanation laying out everything you need to know about the ending of Nolan's rebooted Batman series. It was thanks to him pulling the wool from Wayne's eyes that Bruce realized his need to help the organization further, ultimately dedicating his manor to the boys in his "death." However, the film itself didn't foreclose such a possibility, so never say never — even if Nolan and Gordon-Levitt aren't interested in returning to the material. ": Dieser Netflix-Trailer reißt euch mit! How are they going to build additional capacity if they cant cover their costs? Ending / spoiler for The Dark Knight (2008), plus mistakes, quotes, trivia and more. B. : Heck, even Harry Potter has gotten in on the sequel-prequel spinoff game. ( Log Out /  Impressum | Batman says that Joker's destruction and chaos was done in order to push Gotham's finest crime fighters (Batman, Gordon and Harvey) over the edge to see if they would lose their minds.

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