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Great customer service, get to the end game and cant even play it. The conspirators' weapons and resources aren't going to disappear, and we can't guess who'll obtain them now. There's already talk of your place in the new world of Sith Intelligence--head of a slate of black projects, with the conspirators' secrets as your weapons. But the others won't be blamed for my mistakes. Loyal 'til the end. As the fighting wrapped up, Sith reinforcements arrived. This is a Heroic mission, which means that it's pointless to do it without other players or companion's help. Nine then executes Hunter before accessing the Black Codex. Player - And I'll see that no enemy, Republic or otherwise, ever destroys the Sith Empire. The Sith will want to know--what do you plan to do while we sort things out? Next Jedi Knight & Jedi Consular Datacrons Galactic History 09 (+2 Endurance) Prev … Keeper, I need you with the technical team. The Star Chamber - Quest - Star Wars: The Old Republic - Guide with all choices and branches - Level: 50 - The final battle approaches. Teleport to Quick Travel Point (Elarian Trail) and talk to Do Zonn in [1] to complete this mission and claim your rewards. |, 01.19.2012 The Sith will be pleased. And I don't think I need to listen to you anymore. The ship, the crew--this is your doing? Remove the Jedi and Sith, Republic and Empire, and start over. These will be the last enemies to fight in this place. Now we face a conspiracy as old as the Emperor, and nearly as powerful. Now I turn to you, and to the Black Codex.

The Black Codex was the source of their power. Keeper thinks we're on the edge of victory. I failed. Keeper then instructed Nine to find the Star Cabal's database so they can uncover the surviving conspirators before her signal is jammed by Hunter. The Mission to the Star Chamber is a mission in the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG for the Imperial Agent's Chapter III story. Then tonight, we'll drink to progress. We soldier on. Our personal lives can wait. It should be what you want. Despite all their evils, the Star Cabal did something remarkable. Yup I am getting the same damn problem. We warned them of the danger. Help us improve this article by referencing valid resource material.

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I can do without your help. I stretched my influence as far as I could. Let the Sith reform our operation.

I've been trying to get ANY kind of human response all month. Confront him. There will be power struggles. There will be power struggles, and I can't protect you. With help from Watcher X, Nine was able to break free before killing Kothe and obtain the Shadow Arsenal the former Jedi was seeking to use against the Sith Empire.

Imperial Intelligence will not be rebuilt, and men like you will head its successor. You're the one who's scared. That much I appreciate. I think I like that... Hey! Perhaps the ruling powers are ready to acknowledge that my people are as capable as yours. Fascinating. Not even a name--you're a ghost with enough secrets to blackmail the galaxy. Achievement - Titles: Keeper of the Truth.

The Star Cabal ruined us quite thoroughly. I'm going to identify those who threaten the Empire--and one by one, you'll see them disappear. However, Kothe wasn't convinced and used a brainwashing code on Nine to force the agent to do his bidding. Table of Contents (L07) [HEROIC 2+] The Chamber of Speech SWTOR Guide. Escape from what? Search, destroy and retrieve. Imperial Intelligence has fallen, but it doesn't change our duty. Curiously, the code was Imperial not Republic.
Use your ship’s galaxy map to travel to the Tenebrous and report on your mission. |, 03.02.2012 Nothing approaching a "we're working on it" or a "here's a couple things to try" type of information. But if you want to remain, I wish you well, Cipher, however long that name lasts. Operations Division was disbanded. close this message. Next: Revolt against the Eternal Empire(3632 BBY–c. Without, I expect to be hanged. One you acquire the power cells, they can be used to activate the holoterminal. You managed to thwart the Star Cabal's plans on Corellia and convince the conspirators that you perished in the chaos, but the cabal remains a threat. Player - And I'll see that no enemy, Republic or otherwise, ever destroys the Sith Empire. This article needs appropriate citations. What's coming is dangerous. Free iOS App iPhone & iPpad. Read more. The Minister personally ordered the Cipher agent to infiltrate the station, kill any conspirators and obtain their secrets so the Empire can hunt down their remaining membership not onboard the station. You may be right, but I aspire to something else. You managed to thwart What do you mean, "Intelligence won't be rebuilt"? Nine rendezvous with the Intelligence flagship, Tenebrous, where the operatives have traced the Star Cabal's headquarters in the Null Zone. The Sith will be pleased.

I'm exhausted, and there's a lot of cleanup to be done--but you do deserve to celebrate. I'm going to find threats to the Empire, and I'm going to stop them. You’ve successfully boarded the station and eliminated the conspirators; now claim the Black Codex and determine your fate.

I saw the Minister's expression. I've had enough speeches for one day. This isn't wise. At the end of the conversation will have to decide what kind of ancient knowledge you'll retrieve.
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Commanders After everything we've been through, I understand if some of you are tired. In the aftermath, however, you found yourself in conflict with the Sith who sought to claim the Black Codex; defeat them aboard the Star Chamber space station. Nine allowed themselves to be captured by the conspirators and fed false information under torture that Imperial reinforcements were en route to Corellia led by a Sith Lord, greatly upsetting the conspiracy's plan. You work for me, you work for the good of the Empire.

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