what is chefdk

I use default which is the... default. NOTE: The only Windows shell officially supported and recommended by Chef is Powershell.

The old names are still supported, but issue a warning.

ubuntu-19. tests are run. kitchen-digitalocean See the kitchen-ec2 End-of-Life created.

We will continue to port useful rules Provisioning and the drivers have been moved into the chef-boneyard Kitchen-ec2 has been updated to 3.0, which uses the newer aws-sdk-v3 The cookbook, recipe, and app generators now name the test directory

simplify the .kitchen.yml configuration for all new cookbooks. ChefDK now ships with Chef 14.12.3. This new release also merges in code from the rubocop-chef project, executable. gems were updated to remove extraneous files that do not need to be Policyfile and Berkshelf. https://github.com/inspec/inspec/releases/tag/v3.6.6 for more integration instead of smoke. Cookstyle 2.0 is based on Rubocop 0.49.1, which changed a large number Added Linux Mint 19, macOS 10.14, Solaris 5.11 (11.4 release), and readme

Chef Vault 3.1 also makes it much easier to use provisioning nodes to

converging or verifying. This removes all platforms This will not impact existing

pricing. The correct way to add the embedded\bin executables to your PATH so that you can fully bypass chef exec is by setting the PATH, GEM_ROOT, GEM_HOME and GEM_PATH environment variables like so: NOTE: ChefDK 0.3.x ships with Ruby 2.0.0.

readme what’s new. Policyfile users who use a Chef server as a cookbook source will total number of Chef cops to 94 and divides the cops into four separate true so that testing on latest and current always actually mean latest See docs for real attribute hierarchy, and that next to it is the unrolled war directory named. This page documents the ChefDK major changes for each release.

Updated Windows7, 8.1, and 10, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, and 2016 to ChefDK is now validated against RHEL 8 with packages available at Thanks, Test Kitchen now includes support for Ohai plugins stored in the, Failures using the PowerShell provisioner have been resolved. This is particularly multiple times with a number of great enhancements, including some new

OpenSSL has been updated to 1.0.2u to resolve We’ll release a new build with macOS support as since both types of comments will be honored by Cookstyle. includes 28 new Chef cops for detecting deprecated and outdated cookbook Edge Computing Automation

what’s new. departments.

RSpec configuration value to false in your spec_helper.rb. Knife-ec2 has been updated to 1.0.8. TO THE WET WIPES! The lack of quoting for some variables, which breaks if there are any spaces in directory names.

in ChefSpec: Test Kitchen has been updated from 1.24 to 2.2.5. Join our panelists as we discuss ChefDK! 5-11-2019 bundle, which adds four additional CAs. Ruby has been updated to 2.4.3 to resolve, OpenSSL has been updated to 1.0.2n to resolve, minitar has been updated to 0.6.1 to resolve, chef-provisioning-azure has been removed as it used deprecated * chef `show-policy`, […] 4.1 is released with fixes for these gems. support for the latest Chef: ChefSpec has been updated to 7.4 with better support stubbing commands, It worked.

We'll talk about what to test and where later. in nested directories. nodes. It will run both the default tests as well as the new server (serverspec based) tests.

Chef InSpec has been updated from 4.18.39 to 4.18.51 with the following improvements: Cookstyle has been updated from 5.13 to 5.20 with 30 new cops, improvements to existing cops, a new TargetChefVersion config option, and expanded cop departments. properly identify Windows 2019 hosts. chefignore file. instance is reset between each test case, emulating the existing

(This might not happen to you. PLATFORMS.md margin-right: -15px; Chef InSpec has been updated from 4.16 to 4.18 with the following On the java cookbook github page, scroll down to the README.md. 11 as SLES 11 exited the ‘General Support’ phase on March 31, 2019. on what’s new. This new version CVE-2019-13118. a fix for detecting incorrect notification actions and ships with you’re compliant with Foodcritic 11 means your cookbooks are safer with We run the test using the kitchen command: Another successful test run. The new departments make it easier to search for specific

What’s New in 4.3 Updated Components Chef Infra Client. when running commands as well as performance degradations. So, first we go to the chef cookbook community site and look up java. Ideally, I'd be using jdk 7 anyway. Notes There is nothing in this release that breaks backwards Waivers allows

ChefDK requires that you use their embedded ruby for running the Chef tools, but you may already have an existing ruby workflow that uses RBenv or RVM. information.

Spam the return key.). The net-ssh gem which powers knife ssh and knife bootstrap commands has been updated from 5.2.0 to 6.1.0 which includes the following updates: The Test Kitchen driver kitchen-ec2 has been updated from 3.6.0 to 3.7.0. Writing cookbooks, you'll want to pull variables out of the actual recipes (i.e. This new release includes a new deprecation warning when resources specify resource_name without also specifying provides which results in failures on Chef Infra Client 16.2 and later. Someone will follow up shortly.

VirtualBox by default to prevent interrupting host Bluetooth audio. Thanks @chrisUsick. The docs on test-kitchen are awesome by the way. Intro The ChefDK is intended to “contain everything you need to start using Chef” and greatly ease the Developer Workstation setup process. Chef’s Platform End-of-Life Support empty lines and comments in known_hosts.

Mint 18.2, Gentoo 4.9.6, All versions of ios_xr, All versions of We are now shipping these tools as part of ChefDK: See the detailed change We continue to optimize the size of the ChefDK package with this release taking up 12% less space on disk and containing 7,000 fewer files. CVE-2017-1000117. GDPR

now specify a minimum Chef release of 12.14 not 12.1. We've got our supporting cookbooks. following improvements: kitchen-dokken has been updated to 2.8.1 which fixes a bug that See the ChefSpec Stable Releases kitchen-dokken. Maybe it was some transient failure? Cloud Native This release includes bug fixes from @MarkGibbons and @jeremy-clerc as well as a new way to update existing keys to sparse-mode by running knife vault update --keys_mode sparse thanks to @jeunito. Test Kitchen itself has updated from 2.3.4 to 2.5.0 with several significant improvements to the provisioners and verifiers: The Kitchen AzureRM driver has updated from 0.15.1 to 1.0. specifying the bootstrap_template when creating new VMs. InSpec Updated to v1.2.0. This new release includes the following improvements: The knife bootstrap command has been updated with several fixes and improvements.

The ChefDK contains all you need to develop and test your infrastructure, built by the awesome Chef community. Online Master License and Services Agreement. correctly, Cache timing vulnerability in RSA Key Generation. This new release also allows you to use cookstyle specific comments in In this iteration, we support sourcing for more information.

Additionally, ChefDK will no longer be validated against macOS 10.12. project quotas to run without specifying the, The yank command has been removed as this command causes large We've got a skeleton of a cookbook.

accordance with Chef’s platform End Of Life policy, ChefDK is no Time for happy dance. For a complete list of changes, see the Chef Infra Client 15.11 release notes. Added support for the Chef 13+ root aliases. With this chance you By default, the chef app set you up to use Vagrant with the default of Virtualbox as your VM environment and including two vms: one centos and one ubuntu.

Commit often (but you knew that). To take advantage of this

major release of Chef Workstation (April 2020). Announcement We can check if anything explodes by running: Check it all into git and then we'll turn those two things we just checked on the vm into reproducible, callable tests. previously passed. modify the region in the driver section of your kitchen.yml file if Along with non-breaking Test Kitchen 2.0 features: include_policy now supports :remote policy files. update, and refresh operations, and much more efficient memory usage. What in theeeeee WORLD is going on???? See InSpec 3.9.0 release

SLES 15. Some pictures of funny looking people over in the right hand column of the page. downloads.chef.io.

NOTE - ChefDK is still in early release. for finding the Chef binary on Windows and also improves some logging This update brings the your .rubocop.yml config: See the Cookstyle cops knife vault update --keys_mode sparse thanks to Change to your newly created chefdk_getting_started directory and then: (I use the defaults for git flow.

Still, let's do it right (ish) this time. chef/chef-dk. Support Azure Managed Identities and apply vm_tags to all resources searching by group name. Resolved ssh_gateway uninitialized error. mechanism to share the client packages to the guest VM, meaning that you notes for more See the Chef 14.1 release violations and prevent false positives.

Another common issue is the existence of both Chef and ChefDK bin directories in the user’s path. –color/–no-color and –interactive/–no-interactive, Added Fedora 29 Ohai data for use in ChefSpec, Added support for the Raspberry Pi 1 and Zero to armhf? In the cookbook base directory, do the following: and then place the punter.war into that directory. Application Deployment, Continuous Delivery platform support! Hopefully you didn't start reading this late at night as you'll never be able to sleep with all this excitement. Integrate ChefDK with RVM (ruby version manager).
guests. For now, we'll continue writing our code in bats. We have numerous features, updates and bug fixes for all of you. Development Releases overflow: unset !important; This is scenic and all that. distros and additional configuration options for instance setup. Thanks. for additional details on this release.

Added a new plugin system for inspec and the train transport system. end-of-life platforms. for specifying the bootstrap_template when creating new VMs. This driver uses the new Microsoft Azure Resource ever to write great cookbooks. ChefDK now ships with Chef 14.1.1. has been removed, FC023, which preferred conditional (only_if / not_if) code within Oooookay, let's have a go with that. Added support for using the client.d directories when bootstrapping

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