who benefits from political polarization

You need to ask about specific things. Partisanship becomes equated with patriotism, and destroying the other side becomes the …

They are by far the largest beneficiaries. Most of the empirical evidence is on your side – that self interest is ubiquitous, even when people present themselves as pursuing the “public good.” But what concerns me is that this empirical fact should not be an excuse for giving up on there being anything else.”.   I’ve known many liberals who are cops.

I think the categorizations that the political parties push are too vague.

I assume the actual you would have made a similar observation if your attention in the post wasn’t elsewhere. So Orthopedic surgeons make a lot because they do surgery, which charges a lot, and because their expertise is limited and because the gates keep the numbers low, so those who end up in that tend to have a series of personal characteristics. And what’s best for professors and NGOs isn’t necessarily or more likely to be better for society than what’s best for business. But in reality, what happens is ATT and Verizon and Google and Apple and Charter/Spectrum and Archer Daniels Midland and Disney show up and say essentially “Give us money, for no other reason than we’re big and powerful, We’ll promise to do something politically useful to you as long as you don’t actually enforce any of those promises because we won’t be actually doing any of them, oh and pass these laws that make it illegal for small businesses or foreign businesses to compete with us, and close off our competitors in China and stop anyone from importing sugar that competes with our corn syrup, also create a special class of slaves for us by passing immigration laws that let us bring highly trained foreign workers into the country and then hold over their heads the threat of immediate deportation if they don’t work long hours at substantially lower wages than the home-grown talent wants.”, so no, it’s not a good thing that large businesses get to write the laws and heavily influence govt.”, This is sort of resurrecting a dead thread, but looking at the discussion from a few years ago you link to, I was nonplussed by your (and co-authors’) claim “we have seen no evidence to support the idea that social science fields with more politically diverse workforces generally produce better research.”.
Much of what we have enjoyed – and a great deal of what we need – is the result of tempered self-interest. By the way, when I talk about “business” people keep changing that to “big business”. In some cases, it is even the selfless acts that take place despite self-interest, that are the best examples of what I think humans are capable of. If something is being advertised as “incredible,” it probably is. There is no world in which enlightened individuals advocate for the best interests of other people. Politicians created the bureaucratic regulatory structure that has no accountability to the public, because they want to use it for their own means. In some cases, it is even the selfless acts that take place despite self-interest, that are the best examples of what I think humans are capable of. Amazon: I used to hate Amazon but I’ve come ’round. They […] People are multidimensional making a two dimensional graph rather uninformative. Much of what we have enjoyed – and a great deal of what we need – is the result of tempered self-interest. If managed properly, optimal solutions are somewhat more prone to emerge if all is at the mercy of doubtful investigation. There are some advantages to people and Society from political polarization and battle between opposing perspectives. And if you don’t like those policies, because of polarization you know which party to hold responsible in the next election.

We are rapidly losing this public self (and it was relatively weak to begin with). https://www.economicliberties.us/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Working-Paper-Series-on-Corporate-Power_5-FINAL.pdf.

Just business. My point about Venezuela was that Chavez took over the national oil company, ran it against the advice of the business class, and destroyed it’s ability to generate wealth.

https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/11/electoral-college-racist-origins/601918/, https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2019/03/26/people-like-big-business/, https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2019/03/26/people-like-big-business/#comment-1002811, https://www.economicliberties.us/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Working-Paper-Series-on-Corporate-Power_5-FINAL.pdf, Comparing election outcomes to our forecast and to the previous election. What would would mean to really take seriously the idea that our forecast probabilities were too far from 50%? My comment was stress is being a cop in Detroit: two cars in an alley, you can see something happening, and it’s your job to get out of your car and walk over knowing this could be the end of your life. It’s not clear how much this imbalance is a problem, and even less clear what could be done about it (assuming you want to do something about it at all), but it’s there. Running the govt for the business leader’s benefit is the road to ruin. Social sciences are inherently hard. Today, American politics deal almost exclusively within a two-party system which includes Republicans and Democrats.

> Let’s hope they do have a large influence on the government, since business drives the economy which in turn funds pretty much everything.

“so no, it’s not a good thing that large businesses get to write the laws and heavily influence govt.”. If you are thinking that those that espouse these higher views are really masking their self-interest – then I’ll agree with you. Dale said, “People can like businesses, and not want those businesses to be able to wield the power of guns and police forces to forcibly transfer wealth to themselves.”.

I’m willing to accept that the far right is underrepresented, but as Mr. Marcus asks, why would we want that to change?

The way people vote is affected by the rules. Very few Americans self-identify as socialists and almost none as communists. The possibility that selection for attributes that can be faked will increase the number of fakers is very real, and suggests that well-intentioned measures could destroy social capital. The corollary of ‘you cant be careful enough’ is ‘you cant be careful enough’ applied to individuals who are not but are feared to be terrorists. It is unfortunate that people often don’t realize the best way to make the world a better place for themselves and others. Producing good social science research can involve a fair bit of arithmetic. I feel like you are espousing a moral standard that anything that results from self-interest is justified – change the rules if you don’t like the results. This extends to school shootings: the police are heavily criticized for not charging in. Perhaps what we see are psychologists that hew pretty close to the middle by world standards, but seem liberal by American standards. Save & Share:  I agree with you that executives of professional associations have lobbying power too—indeed, that’s the whole point of many professional organizations, that they can influence policy in some way.   The threat of violence is always there.

But that is a very different thing than saying that it is ok. What I find most tragic about American politics (and probably world politics) presently, is that there is little room for anything other than self-interest.

Can’t we distinguish between what people “can” do and what they “should” do? Most cluster around a center as all distributions do. My personal take is that the graph is too limited. Whatever the case, I’m quite sure we’re much better off with business than without it. So, the fact that much of what we enjoy is the fruit of self-interested business is not the point. It’s a rare day that you won’t find an editorial or opinion column lamenting the growing ideological divide between Democrats and Republicans and the lack of bipartisan cooperation in dealing with the enormous challenges facing the country.

I’m pretty liberal on many things but very conservative on others.

Everybody knows that the polarization of American politics only damages our democracy. Stories like this are not uncommon.).

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