wissahickon white trail

More surprises await…, Stay on the paved trail, and you’ll come to a log building overhanging the path. But I’ve heard plenty of owners calling their dogs again and again, the dogs not listening the first time. I adopted them both (as well as foster one) that were a few years old already… Ive trained them a lot, but they still have their bad tempers. I wasn’t there, so I can’t describe the situation in more detail than that.

It is easy to miss. –ed. Instead of bickering on a blog or increasing your self importance one piece of

406' Up By the way, excellent piece Bradley – thank you for writing it. As with anything—cyclists, drivers on 76, apples—one bad one spoils the bunch.

Or the second. Next thing I know the dog is lunging at the my back leg giving me a nice puncture. All Rights Reserved. One I specifically referred to as “Mister Dog Shit” because he would walk two HUGE mutts along the park every day and didn’t even break stride when one of them let go. I’d also suggest that we all avoid this rush to judgement – those who walk their dogs off leash are awful people who break laws and should be sprayed with bug spray or stun gunned? He's a native of Tyrone, Pennsylvania, and he's hung his hat in Shippensburg, Germantown, G-Ho, Fishtown, Portland (Oregon), Brewerytown, and now Mt. Lumping bike riders and dog walkers? Don’t miss our other October and Halloween events, including our Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday service days and our October 31 Trick-or-Trash Clean-Up (bring a costume! To suggest that all dog owners must walk their dogs on a leash in every single part of those 1800 acres because of what happened to you or a horse rider or because squirrels are chased … well, I think that is wrong. Did you automatically equate that behavior with the “coconuts and yo-yos” we’ve all seen in this town driving like they are trying to escape a zombie apocalypse? We need volunteers to help restore structures, repair stone work and rebuild trails. While I was training my dog, she had a choke collar, but I had to stop using it because it was too dangerous for her to be so restrained around dogs that were loose. Perhaps some day this place we all love will have sparkly newly re-routed trails thanks to the FOW and cleared of some of its trash by you and others. Now, I do believe we all must respect each other and respect each others wishes. Have an idea for an op-ed? You’ll come out onto a gravel trail, our next stop.

Then there is also the matter of licenses and tags. This is the Ten Box guardhouse, built by the WPA in the 1930s and once used as headquarters by the now disbanded Fairmount Park Guard. Dogs run all around my house, upsetting my dogs and peeing/pooping everywhere. Any suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated!

Allowing your dog to go off leash is harmful to other dogs and dangerous. The problem of well behaved dogs being in control of their humans? This is clearly an emotional issue, but it’s also one that gets to the heart of what it means to share public space in a big, diverse city.

His comments on this post prove that. I had no idea that he supported Michael Vick. Look up to your right at the white Victorian mansion on the hill – the “Hermitage.” Built in 1848, its name gestures to an older and more sinister history.

The Wissahickon Gorge Orange Trail is one of those sort of adventures.

Also, how do you know that your dog will not have a reaction to something or someone that it never has before? I ask as an honest question, not trying to make any kind of point either way.

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